Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf, Personal Life and Net Worth

Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf

Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf was popular as the wife of American billionaire businessman Jerry Reindorf, who is the owner of MLB Chicago White Sox and NBA’s Chicago Bulls. After living a successful and happy life, Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf died recently.

Today, let’s look back at her life and find out some details about her early life, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf was born on 4th March 1936 in Denver Colorado, USA, to Milton and Cuvette Rifkin. When she was 8 years old, her family moved to Chicago, where she spent her childhood. When she was in college, she met her future husband and their love story started from here. After completing their education and being professionally settled, the couple got married in 1956. Since then, they have been together till the death of Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf in 2021.

Parents and siblings

You already know that the names of the parents of Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf are Milton and Cuvette Rifkin. Besides this, there is not much information available about their profession and other things about her parents. Not just that, there is no information on the siblings of Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf either.


Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf had a successful, full of love, and peaceful life with her husband Jerry. The couple has four kids together and their names are  Michael, Susan, David (deceased), and Jonathan. With their 4 kids, they have 9 grandchildren.

Education and profession

Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf gained education from good institutes. She attended Sutharland elementary school and then Morgan park High school to complete her early education. After that, she enrolled at George Washington University, where she majored in Japanese and Chinese history. Once her education was completed, she started her professional career. She worked for the defense department at the Pentagon for some time. Later on, she worked for the department of agriculture for sometime.

Reason for the popularity of Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf

Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf herself was an educated and intelligent lady. She always carried a dynamic aura and this was the reason for her popularity. She was also very much active in social activities. Besides this, the popularity of her billionaire husband also helped her a lot to become a popular face among the crowd.

Net worth of Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf

When it came to money and earnings, Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf preferred to keep her lips shut. This is why the actual net worth of Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf is not known to the public. Nevertheless, this is a no-brainer that the gorgeous lady enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, as her husband is a billionaire businessman. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of around 1.7 billion. The main source of earnings for her husband is obviously his business endeavors.


Despite being so rich and blessed with everything in her life, Martyl Rifkin Reinsdorf was very down-to-earth and kind person. Maybe this is the reason that people are still remembering her. She is dead today but her kindness is alive.