Manuela Casas Morales and Her Family Members: A Look into Their Lives

Manuela Casas Morales’ Early Experiences

Manuela Casas Morales was born in Mexico to her parents Micaela Arambula and Agustin Arango. Unfortunately, not much is known about her childhood, education, or early experiences. However, it is known that she went on to marry the famous Mexican revolutionary leader, Francisco “Pancho” Villa.


Manuela’s father, Agustin Arango, was a sharecropper, and her mother, Micaela Arambula, was a housewife. It is unclear whether Manuela had any siblings or not.


Manuela and Pancho Villa had two children together: Ernesto Nava Villa and Jose Trinidad Villa. Ernesto Nava Villa, the eldest of the two, was born on October 17, 1915. He went on to become a military officer and served in the Mexican Army for many years. Jose Trinidad Villa, the younger of the two, was born on November 5, 1923, just a few months after his father’s assassination.

Manuela Casas Morales’ Career And Net Worth

Manuela’s career and net worth are not well-documented. It is believed that she was a homemaker and dedicated her life to raising her two children. After Pancho Villa’s assassination, Manuela received a government pension, but the amount and duration of the pension are not known.

More About Manuela Casas Morales

Manuela Casas Morales is mostly known for being the wife of the famous Mexican revolutionary leader, Pancho Villa. She married Villa in 1922, just a year before his assassination. The couple had a short but eventful marriage. Villa was already a well-known figure in Mexico by the time he married Manuela, having led several military campaigns and battles against the government.

Manuela’s marriage to Villa was controversial, as he was already married and had several other mistresses. In fact, one of his mistresses, Luz Corral, was pregnant with his child at the time of his marriage to Manuela. Despite this, Manuela remained loyal to Villa and stood by him until the end of his life.

After Villa’s death, Manuela lived a quiet life, raising her two children and receiving a government pension. She passed away on December 22, 1977, at the age of 79.


In conclusion, Manuela Casas Morales was a relatively unknown figure in Mexican history, overshadowed by her famous husband, Pancho Villa. However, her role as Villa’s wife and the mother of his children cannot be overlooked. Her loyalty to Villa until the end of his life is a testament to the depth of their relationship.