Madhav Sharma Launches ‘My Cricket Story’ To Bring Together Cricket Fans

Madhav Sharma Launches

A skilled cricket journalist named Madhav Sharma, who was also one of the first cricket journalists to be verified by Twitter, is working hard to establish a neutral platform for cricket fans from all walks of life.

They could be knowledgeable about the technical aspects of cricket or have yet to learn what those aspects are. The only factor that matters is how deeply someone cares about the game and how enthusiastic they are about it. Madhavchose the moniker “My Cricket Story” for the online community hub.

The tremendous amount of feedback and participation that people gave to @HashTagCricket, which Madhav Sharma runs on Twitter, served as the seed for the idea. He discovered the Indians’ boundless passion and excitement for the game.

When he did a more in-depth analysis, he was surprised to see that this enthusiasm and participation did not simply come from players or professionals but from very ordinary people or the literal laypeople, regardless of gender, class, caste, economic standing, and other factors.

There are over 32,000 people who follow Madhav Sharma, and the reaction to the cricket statements he makes is significant.

Although the website is primarily written in English, also provides access to the content in Hindi. His inspiration for My Cricket Story came from the realization that only about a hundred cricket analysts are working in television, newspapers, and digital media worldwide. However, there are crores of people who follow the sport.

Madhav Sharma concluded that there was a need for an objective platform that would allow anyone who enjoys cricket, regardless of their level of expertise, to come and share their cricket experiences with the rest of the globe.

Madhav Sharma realized that even a roadside seller selling teas likely has some wonderful experiences associated with cricket. He wants to disseminate this knowledge and reach everyone’s stories in every nook and cranny world where there is a cricket fan. And Madhav Sharma did a good job naming the platform “My Cricket Story.” If you are looking for bat shopping online, you must find the best and world best bat company.

He began the endeavor by establishing a foundation by creating an Instagram page for My Cricket Story. The response to the first video itself was so tremendous that it set the trend for the following videos that were uploaded.

The initial video was viewed more than 20,000 times and had more than 50,000 impressions. Because of the overwhelming response, Madhav Sharma decided to produce more videos in which various people share their Cricket stories. He also increased the number of videos.

My Cricket Story is now accessible on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which are currently constructing their respective communities.

Madhav Sharma conceived in such a manner that it would be implemented to tell one tale at a time to increase the enthusiasm and zeal for cricket all across the nation.

Cricket is cherished and played with a special passion in India. The experts were quite impressed by the first few stories told by regular people who needed a professional background in cricket or a significant amount of knowledge about the sport.

Because of this, Madhav Sharma was motivated to get his act together and start working toward his goal of constructing My Cricket Story.

A spirit can be described as a nation that, despite the hatred and problems that its members feel against one another, can come together to cheer after every run the Indian team scores and celebrate together after every game the Indian team wins.

And that, my friends, is the ethos of this sport known as cricket. When India is defeated, many people shed tears. It’s important to get into the right mindset before playing. Because of its unique ability to bring people together and foster a sense of teamwork, memories of this game tend to revolve around it and are held in high regard for a lifetime.

Because of this, people tend to have a casual attitude when cricket is brought up. As a result, Madhav Sharma desires these tales not just to be remembered and not to be deafened but to be told out loud by the people responsible for passing them on to the rest of the world.