Lyndsay Fogerty – All Information About Her

Lyndsay Fogerty

Lyndsay Fogerty came into the spotlight thanks to her father, John Fogerty, an American singer and songwriter. Her mother is Julie Lebiedzinski, and she has three siblings: Shane Fogerty, Tyler Fogerty, and Kelsy Cameron Fogerty.

Passion, Career, and Net worth

Lyndsay Fogerty often shows up at her father’s performances, but she does not perform as her brothers do; maybe she is not musically talented as the rest of her family members.

She has kept her life off the public eye as she has not revealed what she does for a living. Her net worth is not known as well.

Personal life

Lyndsay Fogerty is very private; information regarding her love life has not been revealed, as the public doesn’t know if she is married or in a relationship. But you can be sure she has been with a man since she has a daughter named Via. Her daughter, Via, often spends quality time with her grandfather.

Her Father

Lyndsay Fogerty’s father started his music career in junior high school. In collaboration with Stu Cook, his brother Tom and Doug Clifford, they formed the Creedence Clearwater Revival band. The band produced great songs and albums such as Somebody Never Comes and Sweet Hitch-Hiker, among others.

There were some disputes in the band as Lyndsay’s father felt he should have a more significant say than the other band members. Tom Fogerty, his brother, felt that he was undervalued, and he left the band. The other two band members wanted a greater role in the band, but John Fogerty was not of the idea leading to their fallout in 1972.

For years the band was active, produced great songs, and even got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

After the dissolution of their band, Lyndsay Fogerty’s father decided to go solo in his music career, and guess what? He has done so well. His songs include Fortunate Son, The Old Man Down the Road, Who’ll Stop the Rain, Proud Mary, and many others.

Most of his fans may know him as someone who has done music his whole life, but you may not know this, Lyndsay’s father was in the army for two years. While in the military, he trained as a supply clerk, completing his training in 1967, and he was released a year later after serving as a part-time reservist.

Lyndsay Fogerty’s Siblings.

Lyndsay’s siblings are passionate about music and often perform with their father. You can find videos on Youtube where they are performing with their father. Shane Fogerty is a talented guitarist and vocalist, while his brother Tyler Fogerty is a vocalist. Lyndsay’s two brothers, sister, and father form a band of four and often perform together. They call their band Fogerty’s Factory band.

Social Media

As you have noted, Lyndsay Fogerty is very private, but she is on social media platforms; you can find her on Instagram, where she has a private account named lyndsayrachelle, which has 923 followers, follows 1016, and has posted 1887 times.