Lucrative Outdoor Summer Jobs to Help You Grow Your Emergency Fund


If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for anything. Millions of global citizens were caught off guard by unexpected job losses during the pandemic, many with little to no savings. As the world recovers, people are looking for ways to ensure they aren’t caught financially unprepared for future emergencies.

If you are earning an average or minimum wage salary, you may be struggling to make ends meet, with nothing left at the end of the month to dedicate to savings. Nonetheless, if you want to increase your financial security, a few lucrative summer jobs can help you grow your emergency fund for when you need it.

Summer is the busiest time of the year in most places and industries. If you live in a tourist area, you are already familiar with the incredible influx of needed services and open positions that the summer brings to many areas around the country. While you can always rely on firms like My Canada Payday to help you in a money emergency, saving for your own emergency fund makes sense for your long-term needs. If you love the outdoors, you can incorporate it into several summer positions. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the lucrative summer jobs available that can help you build your emergency fund


With over 95,000 miles of seashore, three million freshwater lakes, and 8,000 miles of lakeshore, there are endless opportunities to work as a lifeguard in the U.S. From shoreline to a public pool, if you love to be outdoors in the summer, part-time lifeguarding may be perfect for you. Keep in mind you will need to complete various training and certification courses to get a position as a lifeguard.

Outdoor Guide

If you have a particular outdoor skill, like hiking or climbing expertise, you could find a lucrative summer position as a guide. Many areas, particularly local, state, and National Parks, are always looking for paid summer guides.

Park Ranger

If you have a state or National Park nearby and enjoy conservational service, you may find a ranger position that is the perfect summer job. Many rangers earn their professional status and become full-time rangers; however, many positions are available seasonally if you want to try it.


If you have a golf addiction, why not check out your local courses for caddie or Pro Shop summer positions? Most courses have primarily seasonal positions of all types. You can apply to be a caddie for membership players of any age or experience. One of the best bonuses of caddying in the summer is that you are likely to have access to free golfing and lessons from the Pros.

In many parts of the country, the summertime is the perfect opportunity to take on some lucrative side gigs. Finding the right position that incorporates your love of the outdoors could help you build your emergency fund and secure your future.