List Of Wholesale Human Hair Wigs Suppliers&Manufacturer

List Of Wholesale Human Hair Wigs Suppliers&Manufacturer

Human hair wigs are made from natural hair, usually Remy, virgin, or normal hair.

Many people donate their natural hair so that these wigs can be made and given to those in need.

Wigs are also commonly used by cancer patients who have previously undergone chemo treatments.

Nowadays, the hair wig market becomes more diverse and enormous. More and more types of hair wigs are created to meet customers’ diverse needs and purposes. Hair wigs are now broadly used among those with hair loss problems and millennials for fashion and other purposes.

Today’s wigs are widely available in different cap sizes, base materials, hair materials, hair colors, haircuts, and lengths as per the demand of the consumer. 

The market for natural hair wigs is growing fast, and investors come from all over the world. If you are planning to start your hair business, finding a reliable supplier will be a key factor in your business success.

If you’re finding a wholesale human hair wig supplier, you might find this article useful. To find the right fit for your business, browse the article’s list of natural human hair wig wholesalers and manufacturers.

Nana Virgin Hair

Nana Hair is a reputable wig manufacturer that uses only virgin hair that has not been processed in any way. Their hair is imported from countries like India, Brazil, and Peru. Closures, lace frontals, closures, and lace wigs are their main areas of focus. Their 1,300 square meter factory employs more than fifty manual laborers. With over 300 US and UK clients using their OEM service, they are also an OEM provider. In order to establish long-term relationships, Nana Hair is still eager to find distributors in additional US states, Canada, and African nations.

New Times Hair

With the business growing for over 10 years, New Times Hair is one of the leading high-end hair system manufacturers and wholesale human hair wig factories. 

With more than a decade of experience in export trade, their market scope now covers Europe, North America, the Middle East, and India. 

Being the official supplier of the leading human hair wig distributors in the US, New Times Hair is dedicated to providing hair businesses with different products, including men’s hair systems, women’s hair toppers, hair integration, and hair extensions on a long-term basis. They cater to large and small wholesalers, online shop owners, salon owners, hairstylists, regional wig and toupee distributors. 

Gaurav Wig House  

The headquarters of Gaurav Wig House are in New Delhi, the nation’s capital. They specialize in producing and distributing lace front wigs and synthetic hair wigs for both men and women. They cater to both domestic and foreign clients. Their website primarily serves as a contact and scheduling tool.

Ho Wig 

One of the knowledgeable wholesale wig suppliers is Ho Wig. At incredibly affordable prices, they offer both quantity and quality. The business has been producing and supplying wigs for more than ten years, and every season, more than one thousand new designs are introduced. There is a sizable selection of natural hair wigs, lace front wigs, African American wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces available at Ho Wigs, all of which are of the highest quality and are made from guaranteed natural hair. With more than 5000 loyal customers and daily sales of more than 2000 items, they provide excellent service options. With regard to natural hair wigs, Ho Wig is a reputable vendor in the UK.

USA Hair 

A US-based business called USA Hair is well known for its Remy human hair wigs. They are the leading providers of wholesale wigs in the US, offering very practical ordering options and free shipping across the country. They have a thousand wig styles that are modernized and created in accordance with the most recent fashion trends. They offer wigs in a range of colors and styles, including both synthetic and natural human hair wigs. They also provide discounts and a minimum purchase quantity of 3 wigs. One of the top wig manufacturers in the USA is considered to be USA hair. They offer guaranteed products and quick shipping. They have more than 1500 partnerships with their 10,000+ regular clients.


Amani, a hair company, is Southern California’s leading supplier of natural hair wigs, volume pieces, and hair extensions in addition to custom wig systems (cranial prosthesis). Their designs must adhere to strict standards for quality, fit, and comfort and have undergone extensive research into materials, hair, and manufacturing processes. The original Freehold cap, created by Nazy Curtis and our top seller, is devoid of any glue, tape, or clips. For active lifestyles, it is perfect. When recommending a product, the natural hairline, density, color, and individual hairstyle of each client are all taken into account. You can brush, cut, color, curl, and style our Amani hair however your client prefer. Their products, created by Nazy personally, are made from the finest hand-selected European hair and will benefit your clients.

Shuly Wigs 

An iconic brand in the hair industry is the prestigious Shuly Wigs New York Collection. It has been seen on a ton of magazines, TV shows, and runways and is red carpet certified. Numerous celebrity stylists and picky customers agree that it is their top choice. The newest looks, styles, and color palettes are introduced by Shuly Wigs, who are at the forefront of hair trends. ADOPT IT, FLAUNT IT, AND WEAR IT!

Small-scale, handcrafted, custom-tailored wigs were the company’s initial offering. Today, Shuly NY has grown the company to rank among the top manufacturers of custom wigs. Shuly is the company’s founder and visionary, and she is vivacious and enthusiastic. She possesses a natural talent for art and a gift for

Arison Wigs 

Arison Wigs is a leading hair vendor of premium human hair wigs. They wholesale 100% Remy and Virgin hair that is of the highest quality. They offer wholesale wigs of the different cap construction, lace types, lengths, colors, and densities. This allows you to cater to customers of different demographics, helping you expand your business in no time. Arison Wigs is the trusted wholesale wig vendor for 800+ clients around the world. With an experience 11+ years of working as a global hair vendor, they can offer you high-quality wigs and services that others cannot match. Arison Wigs can customize wholesale wigs based on materials, styles, colors, and textures