Laser marking and engraving machines made in Italy

engraving machines made in Italy

LASIT systems may also be applied in other sectors such as automobile, craft, electronic goods, and so on. Laser marking systems are used to create markings on objects without altering their physical attributes or designs (microlasers are used). The laser empowers light containing a variety of wavelengths at specific times and locations in accordance with the chemical composition and appearance of the targeted material. Upon being machined or drilled out of another part of the machine, the light emitted by these lasers can be used to make accurate markings on any material.

Laser coding and printing are the most effective methods for guaranteeing product traceability and indelible logos. The long-term effectiveness of laser coding systems on metal and plastic parts is undeniable. We offer a variety of solutions to match any customer’s particular demands, from the manufacturing process to the software. LASIT laser markers are created to satisfy the customer’s diverse demands. The Marker may be used to make an impression on any surface, even concrete. Laser marks are simultaneously plastic and metallic. Laser marks are permanent and last for a long time. It can be used to mark parts with high accuracy.

In addition to their use in the industrial sector, laser marking systems are used in automotive, crafts, electronics, and others. A microlaser (a narrow-angle laser) is used to make visible markings on products without altering their physical properties or appearance. A laser is used to produce light in multiple wavelengths at distinct times and places to create specific outcomes for materials that have been chemically prepared and designed. This light is absorbed by the material and used to make precise markings on it.

In comparison with other systems, the Marker has these advantages:

The Marker is made of top-quality materials and is produced in a manner that minimises the amount of time and effort involved in marking. The Marker can be installed on almost any machine that is machined or drilled out without difficulty.

The laser marker makes it easy for inexperienced operators to mark metal surfaces without difficulty. As a result, maintenance costs are reduced, since no special tools or equipment are required.