Kaiden Abaroa: All There is to Know About Raven Abaroa’s Son

Kaiden Abaroa

Kaiden Abaroa is in the spotlight because of the nature of the death of his mother. Kaiden Abaroa is the son of Raven Abaroa and his late wife, Janet Abaroa. Janet met her untimely death in April 2005 after she was stubbed. Kaiden was barely six months old when his mother was murdered. His father denied being involved in her death, but years of investigation led to his arrest. In 2014, Raven entered the Alford plea for voluntary manslaughter of Kaiden’s mother.

What was the judge’s verdict on Raven Abaroa regarding the murder of Janet? Where is Kaiden Abaroa today? Please keep reading to discover all there is to know about  Kaiden and his father.

Kaiden Abaroa Bio

Kaiden Abaroa was born to his parents, Janet and Raven Abaroa, on 17 October 2004. His birth was met with a series of unfortunate events. When his mother was pregnant with Kaiden, her relationship with Raven was unstable, and at some point, he confessed to having multiple extra-marital affairs. Raven had wanted separation from Janet, who learned shortly after that she was pregnant. The couple had worked out their differences, and Raven had resolved to stay with his wife and support her.

After their son was born, the couple kept having problems, according to what Janet shared with her family. Kaiden was under his mother’s care until his father killed her on 26 April 2005. That would mark the beginning of an uncertain future for little Kaiden.

Shortly after his mother’s death, Kaiden’s father moved to Salt Water Lake with him. After his arrest in 2010, Kaiden’s paternal grandmother Karyn Abaroa-Bolton and his step-grandfather Jim Bolton took custody of the boy.

As of 2022, Kaiden is 17 years old. According to Jim Bolton, Kaiden is an active child who participates in school plays and various occasions. Kaiden also plays the guitar and partakes in dance and craft illustrations after school.

Kaiden Abaroa’s Parents

Kaiden’s parents met at Southern Virginia University. The two soccer players started dating and tied the knot in 2000. They then moved to North Carolina and landed jobs at the same sports apparel company. After their son’s birth in 2004, Raven Abaroa was caught stealing merchandise from their workplace. Janet was too embarrassed by this incident that she quit work, although her husband did not serve any jail term. On the fateful night of 26 April 2005, Raven called 911and told the operator that his wife had been shot dead. It was later discovered that Janet had been stabbed. He denied murdering Janet and soon moved to Salt Water Lake with his son.

There he started a new life, met Vanessa Pond, a single mother, and married her. According to Vanessa Pond, Raven was abusive after marriage and divorced within four months. Raven got arrested in 2010 after new evidence surfaced. His wife’s contact lenses sold him out. In 2013, the judge declared the case a mistrial and set a second hearing in 2014. However, Raven came forward and filed a plea for voluntary manslaughter. He was convicted to 95-123 months in prison.

He got released from prison on 25 December 2017 and lives in Utah. To date, many still speculate whether Raven was guilty.

Wrapping up

The death of Janet was a big blow to her family, especially her baby, who grew up without the slightest memory of his mother.