Julia Vadimovna Paradiz: Stuart Whitman’s Wife

Julia Vadimovna Paradiz

Julia Vadimovna Paradiz gained the spotlight when she married veteran television and film actor and former boxer Stuart Whitman. The couple was married for 14 years before Whitman died in 2020, aged 912. Julia’s husband was known for his roles in films such as When Worlds Collide, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Barbed Wire, and The Man from the Alamo. Whitman also had a hit in television with guest-starred roles in series such as The Roy Rogers Show, Death Valley Days, Dr Christian, and Highway Patrol. Julia was the third wife of Whitman, and she was visibly younger than him. So, how old is she?

Julia Vadimovna Paradiz Bio

Julia Paradiz is a Russian woman who has kept most details of her life away from the public eye. According to records, she was born on 8 February 1974 and is 48 years old as of2022. Julia lives in Los Angeles, California. Julia and Stuart Whitman met at a friend’s wedding in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1971. It was not until 2006 that the couple wed and remained together until Whitman died in 2020. Julia has maintained a low profile since then.

Julia Paradiz Husband Early Life

His parents had married young, and they were constantly on the move. Whitman was born on 1 February 1928 in San Francisco, California. He was interested in acting from age five. Since his father worked as a ticket collector at Tammany Hall, Whitman was sometimes allowed to watch plays. Whitman’s father became a lawyer who moved to property development. According to Whitman, he attended 26 schools. He has a brother named Kipp Whitman who is also an actor.

Whitman’s uncle secretly trained him as a boxer because he thought the boy had potential. He moved with his family to Los Angeles when World War II broke out. In 1945, Whitman joined the U.S. Army and served in the Corps of Engineers for three years. He was a lightweight boxer for the army.

Julia Paradiz Husband Acting Career

Whitman made his debut as an actor in 1951 by playing minor roles in films and television. His roles grew in the late ’50s in films such as Crime of Passion, War Drums, and Johnny Trouble which was his first leading role. He also appeared in Hell Bound, The Girl in Black Stockings, Harbor Command, and The Silent Services.

His career peaked in 1962, and he became Hollywood’s leading man when he landed roles in The Comancheros, Longest Day, The Day and the Hour, Shock Treatment, Signpost to Murder, and An American Dream.

Julia Paradiz Husband Personal Life

Whitman married three times; his first wife was Patricia LaLonde, whom he married from 1952 to 1966. They had four children: Tony, born in 1953; Michael born in 1954; Linda, born in 1956; and Scott, born in 1958. Whitman’s second marriage was to Caroline Boubis in 1966. They had a son named Justin before divorcing in 1974. Years later, Whitman wed Julia Paradiz in 2006.

Whitman battled with white cancer, which was the cause of his death on 21 March 2020. He died at his Montecito, California home.

Wrapping Up

Julia Paradiz’s late husband has tens of movies credited to him, and his legacy remains two years after his death. However, Julia has kept her face hidden from the cameras the best way she knows.