Innovations in Academia: Weighing AI Writing and Assignment Services

Innovations in Academia: Weighing AI Writing and Assignment Services

Chat GPT VS. Assignment Writing Services: How Do They Meet Academic Needs?

Today’s college life is busier than ever. Studies and internships, meetings with friends, and numerous hobbies and initiatives take a lot of time and effort. It’s no surprise that more and more learners experience burnout and anxiety. Of course, in such circumstances, help is needed. Typically, students rely on the assignment writing service or GPT chat: that’s how they can hand in their essays on time while improving their grades. 

Outsourcing becomes a magic wand in an endless cycle of urgent tasks and deadlines, whether academic or career processes. Assignment writing services like Essay Pro can always provide you with brilliant recommendations and high-quality work. Of course, you can check essaypro promo code first to know what to expect from the platform and get a discount. Regarding the GPT Chat, below we reveal its pros and cons so that you can come up with the best choice and make your academic journey more enjoyable.

What Are GPT Chat’s Strengths And Weaknesses?

So, what is chat GPT, and what does it offer? Well, a chatbot from OpenAI allows users to work with artificial intelligence. Just enter a message in the line on the service’s main page to get started. Thus, artificial intelligence will play the role of your interlocutor. 

We’ve compiled its main advantages: 

  • GPT chat is free of charge;
  • It is effortless to use;
  • Chat GPT answers immediately, saving you time.

However, it still has many drawbacks:

  • The text is unoriginal and boring. Since GPT chat is based on AI, it needs more creativity and an out-of-the-box approach. Yes, content is generated quickly, but it often has no value;
  • Problems with uniqueness. Many tools (such as GPTZero) recognize text generated by chat. Then, it can lead to problems at the university since the rules regarding plagiarism and AI platforms are getting tougher;
  • Poor quality. GPT chat gives results in seconds, but are they of high quality? Not really;
  • Inability to verify facts and details. It is impossible to check the text written by openAI. Where did the information come from? Is it accurate? Using GPT chat, you can’t be sure of the content received;

At the same time, a platform like essaypro com offers fantastic assignment writing help, which means original and high-quality text on any topic and complexity. Unique material with proven facts that are free from errors – that’s what you get when relying on talented experts from a trusted assignment writing service.

What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Assignment Writing Services?

While chatGPT has many limitations, an assignment writing help service like EssayPro reviews goes beyond all sorts of limits. And here’s how it does it:

  • Authors quickly fulfill all your requirements regarding subject matter, formatting, style, and tone of voice. They take all your comments into account;
  • Assignment writing service offers a plagiarism report, so you don’t have to worry about unspecified borrowings. The work will be 100% original;
  • Platforms are also mindful of your privacy and confidentiality, so your data is safe;
  • You can order a wide variety of paper formats, from theses and dissertations to regular essays and research assignments;
  • Since professionals from different fields complete the assignments, you can better understand the topic and be inspired by ideas that didn’t occur to you before.

As for the cons:

  • Your task will not be completed in a split second. Traditionally, the deadline is at least 6 hours;
  • Assignment writing services aren’t free, but the prices are fair because of the high quality and the opportunity to be in touch with the author.

After all, you get help from a human professional with deep empathy and a creative approach. They know what your assignment needs.                                                                                                                                                                     

What Is The Real Reputation Of GPT Chat?

Assignment help services have always been market leaders since experts’ experience is truly vast and varied. Authors consider your requirements, do profound research, and write a unique text that distinguishes your essay from others. That is why students trust them.

At the same time, GPT chat is a new player on the market that has already shown a lot of minuses and weaknesses. The quality it offers is way below what you get from assignment writing services, not to mention the accuracy of the facts. We can’t help but mention that GPT chat offers a limited number of characters (namely 4096). In contrast, professional authors have no limits.

And the main drawback that is worthy of attention is that many learners were excluded due to taking advantage of the openAI. Some programs recognize its use, and this can lead to tragic results.

In general, chat is associated with low-quality work and creates unjustified risks.


It is clear that AI writing still needs to be developed to perform complex school tasks for you. It can only come in handy with the basic part of the job. Therefore, we recommend learners rely on an assignment writing service like Essay Pro since it guarantees perfect quality and professional support from beginning to end. 

The authors consider your requests and tips and do their best to make you satisfied with the result. So, if you are looking for a risk-free way to keep your grades under control, assignment writing services will be your indispensable assistance.