Ian Alexander Carradine, Personal Life and Net Worth

Ian Alexander Carradine

Ian Alexander Carradine is a celebrity star kid, who is enjoying the stardom of his father. He is the son of famous American actor Robert Carradine. His actor father does not like to speak much about his personal life. This is why there is not much information available about Ian Alexander Carradine.

However, we have tried our best to find out some never-told information about him including his personal life, childhood, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Ian Alexander Carradine is an American celebrity kid, the son of Robert Carradine and his ex-wife Edie Mani. He was born on November 14th, 1992. The exact birthplace of Ian Alexander Carradine is not known. In fact, there is not much information available about his childhood apart from his parents’ names and his DOB. Coming to the love life, as we can see that Ian Alexander Carradine is 20 years old right now, we expect that he might be involved in some romantic relationships. However, Ian Alexander Carradine has preferred to keep his lips zipped on this matter.

Parents and siblings

Ian Alexander Carradine is the only son of his parents, Robert Carradine and Edie Mani. Other than him, his parents have 1 daughter named Marika Reed Carradine, who is older than Ian Alexander Carradine. Besides one real sister, Ian Alexander Carradine also has one stepsister named Ever Carradine, who is an actress. Speaking of the marriage of his parents, they got married in 1990. After being together for almost 28 long years, they decided to part ways in 2018.

As for the profession, you already know that his father is a renowned American actor, who has appeared in several TV series and films. On the other hand, the profession of his mother is a mystery to the public.


Since there is not much information available on the personal life of Ian Alexander Carradine, we can’t really say whether he has any kids or not right now.

Education and profession

With the fact that Ian Alexander Carradine is 20 years old right now, we are pretty sure that he must be graduating. He might have even completed it. Nevertheless, there is no confirmed information on this. And, the same goes for the profession of Ian Alexander Carradine. Neither Ian nor his father has made any information public regarding his profession.

Reason for the popularity of Ian Alexander Carradine

Of course, the thing that makes Ian Alexander Carradine popular is his father’s stardom. His father, Robert Carradine, is a well-established actor and has amassed a huge fan following so far. Though not directly, this thing helped Ian Alexander Carradine a lot to become a popular face among the crowd.

Net worth of Ian Alexander Carradine

As you already know that the profession of Ian Alexander Carradine is not known to the public, estimating his net worth is not possible. Yeah, we know the net worth of his father and it is around 300 thousand dollars. Of course, the main source of earnings is his acting career.


Right now, Ian Alexander Carradine is a young lad, who is setting his feet in his professional career. We hope that Ian Alexander Carradine will become successful like his father.