How Vitamin C Can Help Your Skin Glow?

How Vitamin C Can Help Your Skin Glow

When it comes to skincare, vitamin C is a raging trend. It is also touted as one of the best ingredients that can provide ample goodness to the skin. In fact, vitamin C is called the holy grail of skin care, for many famous reasons. Without a doubt, skin reaps immense benefits by applying vitamin C. Also, it is packed with stupendous skin-loving benefits.

The natural ingredient is capable of protecting the skin from environmental stressors and other unpleasantness. Over a period of time, when added to your skincare routine it can create magic.

Vitamin C is a buzzworthy topic. And here we are to discuss how it can help your skin glow.

How Vitamin C Can Help Your Skin Glow?

  • Lightens dark spots

Dark spots appear due to an excess production of melanin, which is triggered due to multiple external factors. Vitamin C can brighten the skin appearance and lighten dark spots most effectively. It can inhibit melanin production, fade dark patches and hyperpigmentation; thereby making the skin look bright and youthful.   

  • Helps with sun damage 

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the root cause for skin damage overtime. An exposure to skin can lead to formation of free radicals (atoms without electrons) which is certain to damage the skin. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and can be beneficial for the skin by providing electrons to these free radicals. With the help of these properties, vitamin C can limit the damage to a great extent.

However, a vitamin C cream or serum cannot replace sunscreen as it cannot absorb UVA or UVB rays. Nonetheless, it can diminish the harm.

  • Reduces redness and inflammation

According to a study, vitamin C is a great anti-inflammatory agent. Through its antioxidant capacity, it can reduce redness and inflammation significantly, creating a more clear and even complexion. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C can neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative damage and optimize the immune system to discourage an inflammatory immune response. This means it can reduce puffiness and soothe the skin.

  • Prevents skin sagging

Collagen production helps in controlling skin aging but as we get old our skin produces less collagen. Once the collagen levels drop the skin begins to sag. Applying vitamin C to the skin can boost new collagen production and protect protein from getting damaged. This helps in an overall tightening of the skin, making it look firmer and toner.  Vitamin C is a great ingredient to retain the elasticity of the skin.

  • Helps fight under-eye circles

Let’s accept it, dark circles are the bitter truth of most of our lives. With good grace, vitamin C can help in getting rid of dark circles. Though the skin under eyes is super sensitive, you only have to be a little cautious and gentle while applying anything in that area. Get rid of your under-eye bags with vitamin C and also strengthen the skin with its antioxidant properties. 

  • Hydrates the skin

The key to achieving healthy and glowing skin is to keep it hydrated. And the way to it is by retaining its natural moisture. Magnesium ascorbyl, vitamin C’s most important component, helps in preserving the skin moisture, making the skin look radiant and plump.

Vitamin C also works towards decreasing the transepidermal water loss, removing all the excess oil and keeping it accumulated.

  • No wrinkles and fine lines

Appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles on the skin can be so depressing. The application of vitamin C works beautifully to reduce the appearance of these unwanted lines. Study proves that vitamin C can enhance collagen synthesis that also works towards it. Vitamin C is a super powerful ingredient. It has anti-ageing properties and can effectively reduce wrinkles within a few weeks by fibroblasts in cell culture. By hydrating and plumping the skin, it can also smoothen fine lines.

  • Minimizes pores

Excessive sebum production can congest and clog your pores, and feel like zero respite. Vitamin C being an antioxidant can unclog pores, reduce sebum production and clear out dead skin. This effectively works towards reducing the size of enlarged pores, giving the skin a smoother and glowing appearance. 

  • Quick wound healing 

Vitamin C helps skin heal in many ways. The application can speed up overall wound healing, reduce scarring, infection and boost iron absorption, which is a necessary nutrient in wound healing. Applying vitamin C can have a super positive effect on the skin. This would lead to skin looking fresh and gleaming.

One Last Thought:

Realistically, skin quality degrades because of environmental irritants and the antioxidants in vitamin C fights it quite naturally. Vitamin C is actually a secret ingredient to the skin being in excellent shape. It also has all the exfoliant properties that can work towards improving the overall appearance and texture of the skin.

Add vitamin C to your skincare routine consistently and watch it glow.