How to Unclog a Drain With Standing Water

Unclog a Drain With Standing Water

Nothing is more aggravating than having clogged drains resulting in stagnant or standing water, signifying something is wrong with your drain. Although clogs might not appear to be a severe plumbing issue initially, their repair expense may soon escalate if you overlook it. Neglecting maintenance and repairs for clogged drains with sluggish water may result in significant leaks anywhere in the piping system, causing substantial structural damage and leading to costly repairs.

While home treatments might help in some cases for a clogged drain with standing water, contacting the drain cleaning Sacramento professionals is the viable option if the issues continue. Some clogs are trivial and easily removable, whereas other bigger and more troublesome clogs wreak havoc if not addressed timely. Hence, don’t jeopardize your entire house’s plumbing system due to one leak.

Since sluggish water is a nuisance, understanding how to unclog a drain with standing water is critical to elude further problems.

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Ways to Unclog a Drain With Standing Water

Wear your gloves and get a bucket before commencing unclogging the drain. Subsequently, pour the water into the mug and drain it into a bucket to later empty it outside. Once the water runs out, implement the below-cited clog removal techniques. Also, these remedies are applicable in freestanding showers, standalone bathtubs, and tub combinations.


A plunger help pulls blockages out using compressed air. Cover the drain using a plunger to ensure a tight seal, and apply fast, repetitive pressure down the drain for at least three minutes. Now, take the plunger out. After this, turn the hot and cold water faucets on for three minutes each to examine whether or not the drain is flowing, and repeat the process twice more. If the clog is unbreakable, try another remedy or engage the plumbing company in Sacramento to resolve the issue.

Home Remedies:

Baking soda and vinegar are the two most effective remedies that help remove standing water clogs without affecting your pipes. Replace salt if you don’t have vinegar since the effervescent combination of baking soda and vinegar or salt help breakdown clog’s stubborn defensive lines:

  • Pour ¾ cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar or salt down the drain.
  • A drain stopper, such as Stopshroom, will keep the vinegar’s froth within the drain.
  • After leaving it for an hour, flush the drain by gradually pouring hot water into it to loosen the clog.

Coat Hanger:

You can use a wire coat hanger to access neighboring clogs. All you have to do is to straighten the wire and bend its one end into a J-shaped curve while keeping the opposing end. Subsequently, pour the wire down the sink, and if you experience resistance, there’s a clog. Snag the clog’s parts using a hook and pull it up back. Repeat the process until you’ve removed all the muck from the drain. After that, pour hot water down the drain to ensure the clog is removed.

Professional Assistance:

Seeking assistance from plumbers in Sacramento is the best option if the problem persists after using all remedies. Since they have extensive experience and utilize cutting-edge technology to resolve the predicament, they will remove the clog permanently and clean the pipe before reinserting it. Moreover, if the clogged drain is deep in the pipe, they may replace it.