How to Tell if a Woman Is Married


Figuring out if a woman is married or not is essential if you are interested in dating the woman or if you suspect that the person you are dating is secretly married.

Sometimes, it can be easy to spot a wedding ring and know that a woman is married. However, if the individual you are interested in doesn’t always wear their ring or you suspect adultery, then this process might be a little more difficult.

Below, we give you the best way to tell if a woman is married so you can figure out this essential knowledge and make informed decisions about your next steps.

Best Ways to Tell if a Woman Is Married

The following methods are easy ways to tell if a woman is married or not. Utilize all of these methods to gain information about the person you are interested in.

Background Check Searches

Background check searches are an easy way to find marriage records that belong to a person. Marriage records are often considered public record, as are divorce decrees, and a background check report utilizes public record to give you essential information about a person.

For this method, simply search the person’s name in a background check search tool, like Information’s, for all the information you need to know.

Google Her Name

Googling the woman’s name is a great way to find basic information about her, such as marriage websites and social media profiles. You can then look through these items to determine whether or not the person is married or single.

Look for a Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is one of the biggest indicators that a woman is married, but some women do wear wedding rings as a way to deter individuals from speaking to them. Either way, if you see a woman with a wedding ring on, chances are they are married or they don’t want to be approached.

If the woman you are interested in doesn’t have a wedding ring on, look carefully at her fingers for signs that she typically wears a ring, such as tan lines or marks from the ring.

Pay Attention to Her Body Language

When approaching a woman in public, it’s important to be respectful and pay attention to their body language. This means backing off if you see the woman looking uncomfortable, displaying obvious signs of disinterest, or if she tells you that she is not interested.

Listen closely, as a married woman will often deter further advances by mentioning her husband or telling you that she is married.

Ask Mutual Friends

If the person you are interested in is within your social circle, there’s a good chance that one of your friends knows her.

Speak to mutual friends and individuals in the same social circle to try and determine if she is married or not. Be aware that this method of research may make it back to the person in question as mutual friends may tell her that you were asking about her marital status.

Take Note of Her Behavior

Are you only connected on one type of social media or no social media at all? Does she always set the time and date for your meetups, and text you are strange times? These signs are somewhat suspicious.

When combined with other items such as secretive behavior, or wedding ring tan lines on her finger, these issues may indicate that the woman you are seeing is secretly married.

If you believe that you are dating someone who is married, you may want to confront them in a safe manner, or you may want to simply leave the situation altogether. Consult a close friend or family member and make up your mind about your next steps without depending on strong emotions to make questionable decisions for you.

Knowing When Someone Is Married

Knowing if someone you are interested in, or if someone you are dating, is married is essential, as it allows you to plan your next steps.

In the case that a woman is married, you can easily change your focus to another potential partner without too much stress. On the other hand, if you are suspecting that a woman you are dating is married, you may have a harder time figuring out what to do about this situation.

Either way, you can use the tips in our article to easily discover if a woman is married or not and put your worries to rest.