How To Have A Good Time In Pigeon Forge


American culture, history, food, contemporary infrastructure, and scenic beauty are all present in all 50 states. However, most people wanting to go on a vacation prefer coastal or water-accessible states. Because of this, many areas of the central United States have acquired the moniker “flyover states.” These areas are notorious for being dull and lacking in interesting attractions and activities. Tennessee is one of these 30 states, and this article debunks several common misconceptions about it.

The majority of Tennessee’s attractions are for tourists. It has a history of giving rise to things like Moon Pie cotton candy and Mountain Dew, as well as having a central location as the country with the most bordering states. In particular, it has a variety of incredible cities and towns, like Pigeon Forge. The town has been more well-known over time since it is home to the most well-known amusement park in the nation, Dollywood. Pigeon Forge, a mountain resort with a small community of around 6,500, draws tourists from across the nation into its southern culture and country music.

Here are some of the attractions that will ensure you have a good time in Pigeon Forge, whether you are visiting with friends or family:

1. Enjoy entertainment, art, and music

In this lovely yet modest city, the arts and culture definitely shine. It’s amazing to see the variety of indoor and outdoor activities in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. From Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud to Wings of American Birds of Prey, you’ll be astounded by the variety of entertainment options available here as a tourist.

Do you prefer country music? The variety of musicals available to you means that you are able to dance and sing to your heart’s content. You may experience the community’s culture and spirits while attending one of the many shows scattered throughout town. Be sure to book tickets online since the seats fill up pretty fast.

2. Visit the ever-famous Dollywood

Few visitors who reside outside the US are aware of it. However, locals in Pigeon Forge are well aware of how Dollywood helped to popularize the town. Dolly Rebecca Parton and Herschend Family Entertainment own the theme park, which debuted in 1961 as Rebel Railroad. Dollywood has developed into a one-of-a-kind tourist destination that is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and a variety of regional marketplaces that highlight the best of the city.

Because of the attractions it offers, Dollywood draws three million visitors each year. There are many unique aspects to this park, from the Palace Theatre to the attractions Mystery Mine and Wild Eagle. Wilderness Pass, Showstreet, Timer Crayon, Wilwood Grove, Jukebox Junction, Rivertown Junction, The Village, Adventures in Imagination, Owens Farm, and Craftsman’s Valley are just a few of the carefully designed sections that make up the entire area, and each of which represents a different aspect of Tennessee’s history and culture.

3. The natural scenery is worth everything

The natural beauty of Pigeon Forge can’t be disputed. The mountains can be seen clearly from almost everything in the town, serving as a stunning and occasionally dramatic background. Additional views can be found along the Little Pigeon River’s banks, which flow through Pigeon Forge. Every season has beautiful landscapes to offer. The town is adorned with flowers in the spring and is engulfed in rich greenery in the summer. The beautiful autumn colors are replaced by the bitter cold and snow, which is spectacular in its unique way. No matter when you visit, the panoramas will never cease to fascinate you.

4. The food makes it worth it

Declare yourself a food enthusiast who appreciates eating the cuisines of many places and nations when traveling. In any case, Pigeon Forge needs to be on your bucket list of places to visit, especially if you reside in America because it is so accessible for you. Since the 1800s, The Old Mill Restaurant has specialized in southern-style and Appalachian cuisine. Additionally, while you’re in Pigeon Forge, you may want to visit Mama’s Farmhouse and Local Goat.

You simply can’t miss the sweets when it comes to food, so if you thought Pigeon Forge was going to leave you hanging, you were mistaken. Visit the Old Mill Creamery or Mad Dog’s, a traditional ice cream parlor, to get some of the tastiest sweets you’ve had in a long time. At Curl de la Crème, you can also get delectable sundaes, funnel cakes, and ice cream rolls.

5. The museums offer a good time for history enthusiasts

An outsider may not consider Pigeon Forge the ideal holiday destination for a museum fan. Even so, there are plenty of interesting galleries in this charming town that are definitely worth exploring. These attractions combine teaching and practical activities to excite visitors of all ages.

The most aesthetically beautiful attraction is, without a doubt, the Titanic Museum Attraction with its massive reconstruction of the world’s biggest yet infamous ship from its time. Pigeon Forge is also home to the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame, continuing the city’s musical tradition. While in the city, don’t forget to go on a fascinating expedition to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum too.

6. Shop for handicrafts to take back home for your loved ones

The thrills and cuisine at Dollywood are not its only draws. The city’s eleven districts are where you can enjoy local flavor because they bring together all of its best features. Its numerous stores are home to Appalachia’s traditional artisans, who are the best in the business at creating hand-blown glass and hand-stitched leather goods. Annually, these goods are showcased and available for sale during the Pigeon Forge Rotary Club Crafts Festival, when they are shown off in all their splendor.


You might not be familiar with Pigeon Forge, particularly when it comes to its status as a popular tourist destination. The diversity found in the US, however, means that every one of the so-called flyover states has plenty to offer. One location that is certain to alter your perception of these locations is Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is a stunning location with breathtaking natural beauty, an enormous Dollywood theme park, delectable cuisine, and mind-blowing handicrafts. These attractions work together to create a positive and enjoyable experience.