How To Find The Best Hacker Conference In 2023

Hacker conferences are great, they allow for like minded individuals to chat about advances in the field of ethical hacking. They’re also a good place to learn new skills and network with people that you haven’t yet met. The trick is in finding a good conference. So many of them are subpar or crammed full of events that are essentially too entry level for experienced ethical hackers. Here are some tips for finding the best hacker conferences for 2023.


Look For Conferences With History


Not that new conferences are bad, but repeat conferences show that the first few were so successful that they’ve continued. If you’re looking for the best hacker conference 2023 it’s likely that you should check on their 2022 success rate. Conferences with history are one of the best ways to work out what the best hacker conference 2023 is likely to be, and the same applies if you’re looking for 2024 or beyond. To find conferences with history just check up on Google and see what’s gone on in the previous year.


Tap Into Your Professional Network


Professional networks can be a valuable resource in finding the best hacker conferences. By connecting with other professionals in the field, such as security researchers and practitioners, you can stay informed about upcoming events and conferences. You can ask for recommendations and insights from people who have attended similar conferences in the past, and get first-hand accounts of their experiences. Additionally, you can use online communities and discussion forums to network with others and exchange information and ideas about the latest developments in the field. These networks can provide a wealth of information and resources that can help you make informed decisions about which hacker conferences to attend, as well as connect you with a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests and goals.


Social Media 


You shouldn’t use this as your only check for the best hacking conferences. However, social media does come with its plus points. Checking social media can help you find different hacker conferences in 2023 but to find the best ones you’ll have to take what you’ve found and do some further research. Check out some of their social media pages and see what you can find. Again, there may be a lot of history and engagement on the page, whereas there might not be. You shouldn’t infer too much from this but it can be a worthwhile place to check for the latest hacker conference information.


Industry Associations


Industry associations can play an important role in helping you find the best hacker conferences. Many organizations, such as the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), host their own conferences and events, bringing together experts and professionals in the field. By attending these events, you can gain a deeper understanding of current trends and developments, and network with other professionals in the industry. Additionally, industry associations often have extensive networks and connections, providing valuable resources and information about upcoming hacker conferences and other events. By becoming a member of an industry association, you can access exclusive resources, news, and updates, and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. Overall, industry associations can be a valuable resource for finding and evaluating the best hacker conferences, and for connecting with other professionals in the field.