How to do Quick Office Makeup During Winter

Quick Office Makeup During Winter

Every morning while getting ready for the office, we stand in front of our wardrobe to decide what to wear and this is a never-ending loop, trust me. But, somehow, we manage to choose the right pair of clothing. Now we sit in front of the mirror and wonder what makeup look will go with the office outfit. Of course, we cannot go overboard with it but at the same time, we are constantly contemplating if the bold dark lipstick will be good or the light nude lipstick will accentuate the look. Wipe away all the confusion by swiping the steps mentioned below to create great office makeup that goes well with any outfit you wear.

Step 1:  Use Concealer as the Base  

Less is more, is a key concept to keep in mind when applying makeup for the office. Prep the skin using the face cream that lends hydration and intense moisturisation so the makeup can last longer. For the chilly winter which is often windy, always go for liquid makeup products.

Take a medium to high coverage liquid concealer, and even out the skin tone. The best part about concealer is they can also be used as base makeup. Because you need to get ready in a jiffy for the office, concealer is best for you. It gives a sheen coverage that is just right for an accentuated face.

If you are more comfortable using a liquid foundation, BB cream or CC cream, you can pick any of them too.

Step 2: Add a Pop of Color

Did you know, you can use lipstick as a blush and eye shadow also? Yes, those lipsticks lying on the makeup kit can multitask! Pick a subtle pink or mauve color for a little pop, you can also take colors from the peach, coral, pink or brown family. Utilizing your lipstick as a blush is one of the greatest ways to use it. Are you curious to know how? It’s quite easy! Apply a small amount of lipstick on the apple of your cheeks and blend it with your fingertips or a makeup blender. You’ll be surprised to see the finish lent by the lipstick on those cheeks. Oh! We all yearn for that dewy sheen.

Yes, eye shadow palettes are an investment, but to get office-ready, matte lipstick infused with care ingredients can be used on your lips as well as your lids. Your best option? All the shades of SÉRY Matte Care Lipstick, this is the best pick for the winter because it is enriched with moisturising and hydrating ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E.  Simply rub the lipstick on your fingers and apply it evenly to your lids. You will be amazed to see how seamlessly it blends and enhances eye makeup.

Finally, swipe the same color of lipstick evenly on the lips. Use a tinted lip balm to add a hint of natural color and shine, if you want.

Step 3: Finish Stroke to the Eyes

We are sure you wouldn’t want to step out of the house without adding a stroke of dark black Kajal and Mascara to those beautiful eyes. Just like the lipstick, your Mascara and Kajal can also be used for multiple purposes to add a defined look to those eyes.

If you don’t want to waste time between switching products then make the best use of your black Kajal. Using kohl is an excellent alternative for you if your office makeup looks.

Apply it on the upper lash line according to your desired shape. Initiate with your inner corners of the eyes. As you draw the line towards the outer corner of the eye and wing it. If you don’t want the wing, then stop on the outer corner of the eyes without extending it further. Further, glide the same Kajal on the waterline of the eyes. We’d suggest keeping it minimal and thin so that it doesn’t smudge during the day. Or you can use a smudge proof and waterproof Kajal – SÈRY Black Pro Ultimate Kajal. It is infused with Rosehip Oil which protects the eyes from inflammation and keeps them hydrated.

Finish the look by adding coats of a lengthening or volumising mascara of your choice. Never skip mascara! If you are getting super late for the office and do not have any time for makeup, just apply mascara to the eyes. It does the work perfectly. Take the mascara bottle and shake it well. Before applying to the lashes, remove the excess from the wand to avoid clumps. Wiggle the wand in the upward direction for an intense curling effect. Here’s the best part, just swipe the leftover on the eyebrows and add a little lift to those brows.

Oh my god! With just 4 products you can get the office ready in a jiffy. Save time with this quick office makeup tutorial for an elegant and classy look.