How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Company for Your Repairs


Your garage door occupies a lot of space amongst your home’s exteriors. Not only is it something that you, your neighbors, and passersby see every day, but it also needs to remain in good working order to use every day. Most Coloradan homeowners aren’t going to give the innerworkings of their garage door too much thought until something goes wrong or breaks down. When any part of your garage or home components is malfunctioning, it can throw the entire household out of alignment and cause unnecessary stress to the primary homeowners.

Locating the best garage door repair in Lakewood, CO, is an immediate solution for any garage repair, replacement, or installation needs. Finding the most suitable company for the job is another story entirely. As consumers of goods and services in 2023, many of us have become more mindful of how we access these things and who we choose to work with. Going local is always the most prominent and convenient choice, but the options can be overwhelming and challenging in the Internet age. Instead of allowing this to become even more unneeded anxiety, use the following tips to help guide you through the hiring process.

Research, Reviews & Referrals

Finding the right team of professionals to help with your current situation is the key to helping you get out of the woods quickly and efficiently. The crew will often make all the difference in how your garage door repair experience goes and the quality of work done. Doing your research helps get you started on the right foot and lets you gain an initial perspective of which companies you are interested in and which ones you can quickly rule out of the equation.

Once you have a solid list, you must go more in-depth before proceeding with any extended verification procedures. You can utilize almost any general search engine to locate the companies initially to find previous customer reviews. These reviews will provide first-hand information and experiences that those clients had with said company. Going further with things – you can ask family, friends, and neighbors for personal reference. These people you already know and have established a relationship with and credibility for, so if they willingly vouch for a business, you will likely be able to depend on their services.

Licensing & Insurance

Before you finalize any decision for your garage repairs, you must ensure that all the companies you are considering have legitimate business licensing, are certified garage door techs, and are currently insured. These are three significant components to working with any business entering your home, onto your property, and providing services. Licensing is regulated at a state and federal level, and it is a set of standards each business must meet to remain active in the marketplace or industry of expertise. Garage door companies should also be able to provide the proper certifications, and any reputable company will ask their employees to stay up to date with any and every certificate they can.

Insurance is there to protect both the garage door repair company and the consumer. We have insurance for many aspects of our lives – health, car, home rental, etc. Businesses carry insurance for the same reasons but also provide additional protection. If anything is to go wrong or an accident occurs, you are protected, and so is your garage door! When you are working with an illegitimate business that is not carrying insurance, it is illegal. This means that if the work is not completed correctly, something goes wrong, or damage is done during the repair process – you are out of luck and in a much worse situation than where you started. You must follow procedures through the court system to reach a final agreement.

Experience & References

Treat this experience as if you are an employee representative hiring a potential new team member because that is essentially what you are doing anyway! You are representing yourself and the rest of your household in hopes of resolving a garage door repair issue, and you need a reliable company that can help. You can even ask them for references and stats, but you should always consider the following:

  • How long the business has been in operation; the longer, the better! This doesn’t mean that if the company has recently opened, they aren’t legitimate; it just means they do not have as much experience as the next.
  • Does the business have a legitimate website with a list of services? Continuing the consultation process is not a good idea if you cannot locate the company website.
  • Is the business listed on the BBB’s website, and are any previous complaints filed against this business? A company operating for a while is likely BBB accredited, allowing customers to review them through their website. You can use this as a tool to see good and bad reviews!
  • Does the business have a physical location? If you are dealing with a garage door company, they will likely come to your residence, but they should still have a home and mailing address listed.

Free Estimates & Final Cost Comparison

When you require garage door repair services, you will want to request an estimate for those services and complete a final comparison of all the companies you have been considering for the job. Your assessment should include a complete itemized list of all parts of your service, and if you have questions about this, review them with your company representative.

Having a legitimate business that you can count on for your garage needs gives you the benefit of leaning on them anytime you are in need! Ben’s Garage & Gate Supply provides elite garage door repair, replacements, installations, and maintenance services that will elevate your garage door game and bring comfort and a job to your life. Securing a local crew of garage door experts is crucial for repairs, but finding the company that is most suitable for your set needs will make all the difference for this repair and anything moving forward.