How to Build a Relaxed Family Hangout Zone in Your Home


Having a designated area in your home where family members can relax and hang out together is important for strengthening familial bonds. The key to building a successful family hangout zone is making the space warm, inviting, and tailored to your family’s interests. Follow these tips to design a family-friendly hangout space that everyone will enjoy:

Choose a Central, Multi-Purpose Room

Opt for a room in your home that connects to other rooms and is easy for all family members to access. Common choices include a basement, game room, living room, or open kitchen/dining space. Having a central hangout room that serves multiple functions ensures you don’t waste space in a room that only serves one function.

Make It Comfortable and Functional

Outfit your family hangout zone with comfortable and plush seating like corner lounges, accent chairs, and ottomans that can be moved around easily. Incorporate built-in shelving and storage cabinets to stash books, movies, games, and other family hangout accessories. Include a large coffee table for playing games and doing puzzles. Install dimmers and switches for the lighting so you can create a relaxed mood.

Incorporate Family Hobbies and Interests

Personalise the space based on your family’s favourite activities. If your family loves to watch movies, introduce an entertainment unit with a TV and sound system. If your family loves playing board games and putting together puzzles, choose a spacious coffee table and built-in shelving to store games. For avid readers, add two comfortable armchairs with an end table in between for table lamps.

Display Family Photos and Artwork

Adorn the walls with framed pictures from your family trips, portraits, and art made by your kids. Choose wall colours like soft blue, beige, or sage to give the room a peaceful feeling. Add personal touches like wall hangings displaying favourite family quotes. This allows everyone to feel connected when spending time in the room.

Stock the Space with Fun Hangout Accessories

Fill shelves and storage cabinets with books, magazines, puzzles, board games, playing cards, cosy throws, and any electronics needed for family hangout activities. A mini fridge stocked with favourite beverages and snacks adds convenience. Don’t forget extras like coasters, napkins, and tissues. Having everything easily accessible encourages family members to spend time here.

Create Separate Zones in Open Floor Plans

If your family hangout space is part of a large open-concept room, use area rugs and furniture arrangements to create separation. For example, place the TV viewing area on one side and the gaming zone on the other. Use an area rug to define a quiet reading corner. Separate zones allow multiple family members to comfortably engage in different solo or group activities at the same time.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Focus on the lighting and little things that make your family hangout area feel just right. Use warm, adjustable white lights and let in natural sunlight through windows if possible. Consider using essential oils, candles, or a diffuser with calming scents like lavender to create a peaceful atmosphere. Add comfy pillows and soft blankets to make the couches and armchairs even more inviting. Creating the perfect ambience gives the room a warm and comforting feel that your whole family will enjoy.

Making your home’s common areas into customised, multi-purpose spaces for regular family interaction brings several advantages. By thoughtfully creating a hangout spot, your family will look forward to spending quality time together.