How to Automate Messages on Instagram with One Tool


Take your Instagram marketing game to the next level with this comprehensive guide on sending mass messages to all your followers and increasing your reach.

How to Automate Messages on Instagram with One Tool: Easy Guide for Auto DM

Instagram has long become home to thousands of marketplaces whose daily activities include a great deal of customer relations. The platform’s Direct Message feature is one of the much-loved communication channels. If your daily routine implies responding to tons of DM requests from your clientele, why don’t you try using auto messages on Instagram to manage your account smoothly and efficiently?

Why Should I Use Automated DMs on Instagram?

Manual management of a popular Instagram account that receives numerous direct messages is not a piece of cake. Customers don’t like to be ignored, and an established and reputable brand is expected to respond to all meaningful queries from the followers. Even if you have a dedicated marketing team, finding time for answering each and every message is not a walk in the park.

Inflact’s web-based direct messaging module is a perfect solution for users who prefer to thoughtfully curate account management, but seek to give part of their workload to artificial intelligence.

If you’re one of them, read our detailed guide on how to send automated direct messages on Instagram.

How to Send Automated Messages on Instagram?

1. Visit the InflactInstagram auto DM page to grasp a basic idea of what this feature is capable of.


2. Choose one of the three subscription plans — Advanced ($64), Pro ($84), or a 3$ 7-day trial Pro pack (switches to Advanced after the first week is over).

3. Register your account(s) (up to ten) with Inflact.

4. Go to the Direct tab in the menu. There you’ll see two major features — Auto-Replies and Bulk Messaging as well as Overview which you might want to scan before crafting your automated DMs on Instagram.


5. Specify your settings for the feature you’re going to use, or for both of them.

Auto-Replies: How It Works

You have three options available: reply to a keyword, welcome message, and reply to the first message.

If you create an auto-DM rule for replying to specific keywords, you don’t have to spend time managing responses. The tool will recognize the trigger words and send an auto reply making your potential clients on Instagram feel valued and cared for. After all, your account’s engagement rates largely depend on whether your followers are satisfied with how you interact with them. You can send up to 100 direct messages per day — a reasonable number that won’t look suspicious for Instagram.

How to Automate Messages on Instagram with One Tool

Another option at your disposal is greeting newcomers. The tool monitors your funbase and when a new user starts following you, it sends an automated welcome message if you specify it in the settings. Alternatively, you can wait until the new follower DMs you and write back using the automated reply to the first message option.


Mass Direct Messaging on Instagram: What Should You Know?

The bulk messaging function allows you to send automated DMs to multiple users. You can compile your direct message on Instagram online in the ‘Message’ window, which, by the way, contains tips and templates for making your messages sound natural and to the point.


You can send direct messages to all your followers or use customer’s filters where you can set various parameters for your automated DMs. You can also create a list of users you want to send DMs to.

Extended Automation Strategy for Instagram 

If you want to take even more weight off your shoulders, consider using Inflact’sIg post planner — a smart feature that publishes scheduled content on Instagram. The planner will help you manage up to ten accounts, and you can plan your postings for a month ahead.

Upload your photos and captions, add hashtags and locations, set posting times and save the scheduled posts. The tool will be sharing your content as instructed.


Auto DMs on Instagram can help you build a more successful social media management strategy. Marketing automation will have a positive impact on your account performance and, in general, on your business. Through providing a better customer experience you’ll get more loyal followers. If you’re not sure how to write top-notch direct messages on Instagram, use the prompts that the tool has for you online.