How to Apply Professional Ceramic Coating at Home: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Apply Professional Ceramic Coating at Home

While the progress of ceramic coatings was gradual the widespread and faster progress of ceramic coating technology in the last years has pushed a lot of car car enthusiasts on the lookout for the best coatings. While being aware of the cheap coatings that can do more damage than good or the other self-proclaimed “best coatings” some named “10H coatings”. During this time people who love to take care of their vehicles are turning to professionals for help.

While professional help for most is expensive, nowadays you can learn a lot by just watching them sharing their expertise, or reading blogs like ours to learn directly from car care experts. Technology has been beneficial in both ways, sharing information and making more professional ceramic coatings accessible and very easy to use in the comfort of your home. In this article, we will share the newest tips and tricks for you to apply the best professional coatings without paying anyone to do so.

Professional Ceramic Coatings and Ceramic Sprays

Some car care enthusiasts think that only a certified ceramic coating installer and their recommended products should do the work when it comes to a true ceramic coat. They say that ceramic sprays are not worth it because you have to reapply constantly, which I don’t mind, to be honest. But nowadays you can use professional coatings you can buy from trusted brands. They are certainly more expensive than ceramic sprays but they do have more topcoat layers, stronger chemicals, and can give your car’s paint up to 6 years of protection.

Ceramic sprays are easy to use and worth it if you plan on using them every few months. On the other hand, if you want to use a product that lasts then a professional ceramic coat would be the perfect one for you. With the new technology professional coatings are just as easy to use as ceramic sprays. For me, I like to use both because you can get and maintain better results in the long run. But for one-time usage try to choose the best professional ceramic coat that will last for years. Look for a professional ceramic coat that is DIY-friendly and that you can apply fast if you want, of course with some tips and steps in mind.

Steps to Apply a Professional Ceramic Coating at Home

  1. Preparation:Applying a professional ceramic coating involves some careful preparation, a critical step if you want great results! The new technology in these DIY-friendly professional coatingshas its benefits but for it to have the best effect a thorough surface prep will help to bond effectively. The professional ceramic coatings will stick directly to your vehicle’s clearcoat which makes it necessary for you to have a clean surface. The problem sometimes with an only washed surface is that even the new cars have micro-cracks and pores which can be overlooked. So make sure to combine a high-quality auto soap wash with a clay bar detail and, for the finishing touch, use a paint decontaminator. This not only creates an ideal surface for the professional ceramic coating to bond with but also extends its lifespan.
  2. Applying the professional coating:The application of a professional ceramic coating demands attention to detail from you and the right tools. It’s also recommended that you wear gloves for protection during application. Apply the coating evenly to one panel section at a time using a crosshatch or back-and-forth motion, this way you’ll have complete coverage. Allow the product to sit for 2-4 minutes to facilitate proper bonding. Wipe off excess product with a clean, dry microfiber towel, then buff the surface finish with another towel. Repeat these steps panel by panel until your entire vehicle is coated!

If you want to extend the lifespan of your professional ceramic coating, apply a ceramic spray as a topper an hour or so after the application. Try to avoid water contact for at least 24 hours and any chemical for about 2 weeks.

  1. Tips to maintain it: I recommend applying a ceramic spray at least twice a year for optimal results, this will give the professional coat layers also a prolongation effect. Try to avoid automatic or “no-touch” car washes, if you wash it yourself it will preserve the coating’s lifespan. Use a pH-balanced, concentrated ceramic soap for car washes, you’ll freshen the protective ceramic barrier while getting a safe and effective wash.


In concluding our guide on applying professional ceramic coating at home, the recent rise in ceramic coating technology has pushed car enthusiasts to seek superior protection for their vehicles. Making sure to know which professional coating is working and which is not is a crucial thing in this pursuit. While some believe that only certified installers should do professional coatings, new technology now allows you for a friendly DIY application. But you have to keep the steps and tips shared above in mind for you to have amazing results!