How do I find an accurate location for an IP address?


Geographic location data is a very valuable resource for any large-scale company that wants to grow. This source is a way for companies to obtain the geographical locations of their visitors. Companies use the geographical location data of their visitors for many purposes. For localization, creating advertising campaigns, imposing location-based restrictions, and increasing security. Nowadays, with website developer Chicago, the ways for companies to obtain geographical location data of their visitors have increased. The best way for companies to obtain the geolocation of their users with the highest accuracy is to use the IP API, aka IP lookup location API.

An IP API provides IP-based geolocation data to companies and developers. Its working principle is also quite simple. It takes the IP address of that visitor as a parameter. It then queries this IP address in high-accuracy databases. It then sends all the details of the matching location data to the client. So, have you ever wondered why using an API is the best option for accurate location data? So let’s find out.

Why is IP Lookup Location API the Best for Accurate Location?

IP location APIs are considered a leading tool in providing accurate location information in the market. The main reason for this is that it usually receives data from many reliable and up-to-date sources. These APIs use various methods to determine the geographic location associated with IP addresses, providing access to large databases. In particular, well-known IP location API providers such as the ipstack API and the ipapi stand out in the market. They offer high-quality location information and are known for their fast response times. Globally serving APIs like this use special algorithms when pulling data from large databases. This minimizes response time.

Users access detailed data corresponding to IP addresses through these APIs at high speed. Detailed information such as geographical location, city, country, or even latitude and longitude are just some of them. However, obtaining accurate location information is not always guaranteed. Therefore, the results of some IP location APIs can sometimes be misleading. Especially when IP addresses are routed using VPNs or proxy servers, determining the actual location can become more difficult. However, equipped IP location APIs such as the ipstack API have an infrastructure that can detect redirects such as proxy. For this reason, companies should choose the best APIs in the market to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate geographical locations.

What Features Should an IP Lookup Location API Have?

There are many features that a good IP location API must have today. The most important of these is that it is designed to allow users to access precise and accurate location information. First of all, it should provide access to a large and up-to-date IP database. This ensures that the API can deliver the most up-to-date location information for many different IP addresses. Next, the API should offer fast response times. The best algorithms should be used when extracting data from the database containing millions of address records. Thanks to its fast response, applications and services enable users to receive location information within milliseconds.

A good lookup location API should present detailed geolocation information. For example, the ipstack API provides dozens of unique information about the geographical location corresponding to the IP address. These include currency, time zone, continent name, and even ZIP code. Thus, users should have access not only to country and city information but also to many detailed location-related data. Finally, a good lookup location API should be developer-friendly. It should have a structure that will facilitate the integration processes of developers. The best example of this is that the ipstack API responds to both JSON and XML formats.

How to Use an IP Lookup Location API with Python?

Using an IP lookup location API and integrating it into a programming language is quite simple. To achieve this, let’s integrate the ipstack IP lookup location API, preferred by national companies such as Microsoft and Airbnb, into the Python programming language.

Before moving on to the integration step, we need an API key to use the ipstack API. For this, let’s subscribe to one of the paid subscription plans offered by ipstack. We can proceed to the integration step with the API key we obtain after the membership process.

For this, let’s create a Python file and put the following codes in it:

import requests

url = “”

headers = {}

response = requests.request(“GET”, url, headers=headers, data=payload)


With this application, we will obtain detailed geolocation data of the IP address ‘’. Let’s put our API key in the ‘YOUR-API-KEY’ field and run the application.

A part of the response we get after running the application is as follows:



Overall, finding the exact location of an IP address is often a complex process that cannot guarantee accurate results. IP addresses are often associated with geographic regions, but this association can be disrupted by factors such as VPNs, proxies, and dynamic IP assignments. The best approach is to determine an approximate location using reliable IP location APIs. These APIs are based on large databases, offering fast response times. They also help users get basic geographic information about IP addresses.


Q: What is the IP Lookup Location API?

A: The IP lookup Location API is an application programming interface used to resolve and present geolocation information of IP addresses. This API helps users access geographic data such as the country, city, zip code, latitude, and longitude to which an IP address is linked.

Q: How Does an IP Lookup Location API Become Developer-Friendly?

A: An IP lookup location API is developer-friendly with the variety of response formats it provides and ease of integration. A developer-friendly IP lookup location API should simultaneously support data transfer formats such as JSON and XML and be integrated into all programming languages.

Q: Does the ipstack API Have Bank-Grade Security?

A: Yes, it does. Information sent to the ipstack API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS) to ensure uninterrupted security. This strong encryption method ensures that when users transmit their IP address location data to the API, that information is secure.

Q: Does ipstack Work Fast?

A: Yes, it does. It offers high-speed response with its scalable infrastructure and powerful algorithms.