Hero Peregrine Pullens: Personal Details, Siblings, and Biography

Hero Peregrine Pullens

Hero Peregrine Pullens is the daughter of Cree Summer and her husband. Cree Summer, popularly known for her acting career, surprised her fans with the news and thanked them for their sweet wishes for the birth of her beautiful little angel. Even if the little angel is not that old, she has won the hearts of her parent’s fans, and here are more details we know about her. Let’s get started!

Hero Peregrine Pullens’ Siblings

Hero Peregrine Pullens is the second daughter of the famous actress, and she was born in 2013. Being the second born in the family, Hero Peregrine is blessed with an elder sister Brave Littlewing born in 2011.

Hero Peregrine and her elder sister seem close, and they have been spotted severally to be enjoying each other’s company.

Hero Peregrine Pullens’ Mother

The famous American actress and voice-over artist Cree Summer is the mother of the beautiful little angel. Hero’s mother has been in the industry for over four decades, enabling her to grow famous because of the various roles she has carried out.

Hero Peregrine’s mother was born in July 1969, and she has worked in various fields like animation, voicing, and music, gaining her popularity. Cree Summer was born in Los Angeles, California, to her father, Don Francks, a Canadian actor and musician, and her mother, Lili Clark.

Hero Peregrine Pullens

Considering Hero Peregrine’s mother came from a family with a history of acting and music, it was not by surprise that Hero’s mother followed her father’s footsteps. Cree Summer also has a brother Rainbow Sun Francks who followed his sister’s footsteps to become an actor.

Hero Pullens’ mother started her career in 1983 when she got featured as Penny in the first season of Inspector Gadget. Fans and producers recognized her unique voice, and immediately she was engaged in the animation field. Cree Summer was involved in several acting shows and video game voice acting, which enabled her to grow.

Besides acting, Hero Peregrine Pullens’ mother is also a musician and has been singing since she was young. She joined her first band in 1985; since then, she has released songs with her band and other solo albums.

Hero Peregrine Pullens’ Father

Angelo Pullen is the father of Hero Peregrine and her sibling. Many fans have known Angelo as a filmmaker and photographer, but he also has experience as a financial and marketing professional.

Are Hero Peregrine Pullen’s Parents Divorced?

Hero Peregrine’s parents divorced after nearly ten years of marriage. Although the couple didn’t announce it openly, the couple seemed to have departed ways back in 2019. Hero’s mother opened up about how 2019 had been challenging for her, but she thanked her daughters and friends for helping her through the pain.

Hero Peregrine’s mother was always worried about not having a father for her kids but she expressed how relived she was when she found being a single mom is not that difficult after all. Cree added that she is happy that it is her daughters and herself doing everything together.