Guy Varsano, Personal Life and Net Worth

Guy Varsano

Guy Varsano is a popular businessman from Israel, widely known for being the brother of Yaron Varsano. Both brothers are business tycoons but the thing that makes Yaron Varsano more popular is his actress wife Gal Gadot. Today, in this article, we will shed light on the biography of Guy Varsano.

So, read the article if you are interested to know about early life, work, family life, education, net worth, and other details of Guy Varsano.

Personal life

Guy Varsano is an Israeli businessman and real estate developer. This is the only confirmed information about him. Like many businessmen, Guy Varsano is also not very open about his personal life. This is the reason that you will not find even a single piece of information about his early childhood as well as his love life. From his  DOB to the names of his parents, nothing is known about his childhood. The same goes for the love life of Guy Varsano. He might be a married man, as he is around 45 today, but there is no confirmed information on the same.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the names of the parents of Guy Varsano are a mystery to the public. Neither he nor his brother (husband of Gal Gadot) has ever spoken about the parents. If you talk about his siblings, he probably has only one brother and you already know who he is. Just to confirm you once, his name is Jaron Varsano and he is the husband of world-famous actress Gal Gadot.


As you know that the married life of Guy Varsano is still a matter of mystery to the public, it is not known whether he has any kids or not.

Education and profession

The reclusive nature of Guy Varsano does not allow him to disclose much information about his educational background. Given the fact, we don’t know the education of Guy Varsano. If we talk about his profession, Guy Varsano is a real estate developer and businessman. His business has expanded to a grand level. Previously, he was the owner of The Varsano Hotel in Tel Aviv, along with his brother. In 2015, he sold the hotel for 26 million.

Reason for the popularity of Guy Varsano

Actually, the main reason for the popularity of Guy Varsano is his brother, who is the husband of the gorgeous actress Gal Gadot. Because of his brother, he is known internationally. Though he himself is popular as a business tycoon in his country.

Net worth of Guy Varsano

With the fact that Guy Varsano is a businessman and his business is doing well too, it is pretty obvious that he must have earned a huge amount of money in his life so far. However, Guy Varsano has not disclosed it to the public for his own reasons.


Setting up a business is not a big thing but achieving success in it is, but Guy Varsano has done it all. He is a true businessman with great capabilities.