Giora Litwak: The Journey of Love and Privacy

giora litwak


In the realm of television sitcoms, “Happy Days” holds a special place, and Lynda Goodfriend’s portrayal of Lori Beth Cunningham captivated audiences worldwide. Behind the scenes, the love story between Lynda and her husband, Giora Litwak, unfolds. This article delves into the life and relationship of Giora Litwak, shedding light on their enduring love and their commitment to privacy. Join us on this journey to explore the remarkable bond between Giora and Lynda and uncover more about their lives.

Giora Litwak and Lynda Goodfriend: A Lasting Union

Giora Litwak and Lynda Goodfriend exchanged vows on November 7, 1982. Their love story began when they met in Dallas, where Lynda was pursuing her BFA at Southern Methodist University. The couple’s connection blossomed, and they have remained inseparable ever since.

With 39 years of marriage under their belt, Giora and Lynda continue to nurture their love and strengthen their bond. Despite their years in the spotlight, they have managed to maintain a private life, choosing not to share much about their personal journey with the public.

Giora Litwak: A Profile Summary

To shed light on Giora Litwak’s background, here is a profile summary:

  • Full Name: Giora Litwak
  • Famous as: Husband of Lynda Goodfriend
  • Year Married: November 7, 1982
  • Duration of Marriage: 39 years
  • Ethnicity: Malay

While Giora prefers to keep a low profile, his marriage to Lynda Goodfriend has thrust him into the limelight as the supportive and devoted husband of a beloved actress.

Lynda Goodfriend: A Talented Actress

Before delving deeper into Giora Litwak’s life, let’s take a moment to learn more about his accomplished wife, Lynda Goodfriend. Lynda graduated from Coral Gables High School and further pursued her passion for drama at Southern Methodist University, where she earned her degree.

Giora’s wife, Lynda, made her mark in the entertainment industry with her role as Ethel “Sunshine” Akalino on the short-lived series “Blansky’s Beauties.” Following the conclusion of that show, she joined the cast of “Happy Days” alongside her co-star, Scott Baio. Initially appearing as Kim in the fourth season, Lynda returned as Lori Beth in season five, captivating audiences with her portrayal of Richie’s girlfriend and eventual wife.

Beyond “Happy Days,” Lynda Goodfriend graced several Garry Marshall films, including memorable appearances in “Exit to Eden,” “Nothing in Common,” and “Beaches.” In the latter, she played a tourist, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Throughout the mid-to-late 1980s, Lynda starred in a range of independent films, including Kathryn Nesmith’s “An All-Consuming Passion.”

Additionally, Lynda ventured into the realm of directing, showcasing her talent behind the camera. She directed the teleplay pilot “Four Stars,” featuring veteran actor Bert Kramer and actress Julie Paris, which received sponsorship from Garry Marshall. In 2009, Lynda directed the short film “The Perfect Crime,” marking her most recent project in the director’s chair.

The Power of Love and Privacy

Giora Litwak and Lynda Goodfriend have mastered the art of balancing their public and private lives. While their professional accomplishments have garnered attention, they remain committed to protecting their personal sphere. Their decision to maintain privacy allows them to nurture their love in a world often consumed by curiosity and intrusion.


In a realm where the spotlight shines relentlessly, Giora Litwak and Lynda Goodfriend have found solace in their enduring love and commitment to privacy. Their remarkable journey as a couple serves as a testament to the power of love and the importance of safeguarding personal moments. As they continue to embark on new adventures together, Giora and Lynda inspire us with their unwavering bond and remind us that love, when nurtured with care, can withstand the test of time.