Futon vs. Mattress: Which Is Better?


An excellent sleeping arrangement is always one of the most important things to go for, whether taking a new home or decorating your house. Although the most common sleeping space is a bed, let’s remember the Japanese way of living a peaceful life. They prefer futons over mattresses for their versatile design and various benefits. However, mattresses are in demand as well. Which one should you choose? We shall discuss that here!

What Is A Futon?

A Futon is a Japanese-style mattress having a low-lying frame. People set this up on the floor to sleep on it. Some modern futons also come with folding features so they can get converted into a recliner. It serves the following purposes:

  • It can save the overall space of your home.
  • You can roll it and carry it efficiently whenever you go on a trip
  • Its versatile design can add uniqueness to the room.

What Is A Mattress?

A mattress is soft and sometimes hard to set up on a bed. Since it comes in various sizes, thicknesses, and softness, it dramatically impacts sleep.

Benefits of A Futon

Futon, though it may seem uncomfortable sometimes, has some significant advantages, which make futons a lot of people’s choices these days.

1. Replace Your Bed and Have A Comfortable Sleep

When it comes to sleeping, we always opt for the best option. The best kind of comfort, the best kind of mattress, etc. But have you ever considered installing a futon at your home? If not, then this is the time to do so.

The Japanese have been using futons for their sleep for a long time. Instead of using the bed, the Japanese people slept on the floor on a tatami mat with a hard pillow to support their heads. Later, a soft mattress was added to provide more comfort. Even though it looks like the futons are uncomfortable, they offer excellent sleep at night.

2. Health Benefits of Sleeping on A Futon

When someone chooses their bedding, most people prefer comfort. But what most people should focus on is health benefits. However, that is often the last thing people think about.

After an entire night’s sleep, we often feel back pain, which may stay longer if not cured. Since comfort is sometimes one of the most sought-after things, people go for the softest mattress to set up on their beds. But surprisingly enough, that does not provide enough health benefits.

Research has shown that a comparatively hard sleeping surface helps eliminate back problems. We suggest you use a futon with a hard mattress to sleep on. It would help to align the spine, decreasing the chances of having more back pain. You can add another soft layer of futon mattress for your comfort.

3. Anyone Can Use Futon

Suppose you have a toddler at home. In that case, getting scared each time they go to bed to nap is effortless. Children may roll the entire bed and fall off the same at any time, so the bed becomes a little risky for them. Conversely, a futon is comparatively lower than a bed, decreasing the baby’s chance of falling.

A futon can also act as a sleep space and an efficient seating arrangement where children can play, roll and do whatever they want. Since futons are also very affordable and do not require much set-up, it works as a great item to save the entire space of the house whenever needed.

Benefits of Mattress

Be it a bed or a futon, the necessity of a good mattress comes first. It not only promises good and comfortable sleep, but also offers some additional benefits. Those are as follows:

1. Decreases Stress

The bed is where people sleep after an entire day of work. The nonstop work makes the human body tired and stressed out. However, having a good and comfortable mattress or organic Futon mattress can help reduce stress. But how does that happen?

When you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, you are likely to have sleep deficiency, which can result in piled-up stress. If it continues for a long time, it may increase blood pressure, eventually causing severe health problems. However, sleeping on a good mattress can provide a comfortable sleep at night, which also helps reduce workplace stress, calming and relaxing the human body at night.

2. Decreases Pain

Our body can experience pain during sleep, due to the wrong alignment of our body parts. Your mattress needs to support all the body parts equally. Without an even distribution of the body weight, the lower back does not get enough support, which means your spine will not be appropriately aligned. This may cause back pain and various other chronic pains.

So, if you have a mattress at home which is too soft, it implies that your body isn’t getting adequate support. Also, spring mattresses can put the maximum weight on the shoulders and hips, which may cause muscle tension in the lumbar region. So, choose a slightly hard mattress that can properly support all your body parts.

3. Stops Turning and Tossing

No one wants their sleep to get interrupted. After an entire day of work, all our body needs is undisturbed sleep at night. However, continuous turning and tossing can affect your sleep and the person beside you.

When someone continuously turns and tosses on the bed, it creates a moving wave, which gets transferred through the mattress. It can cause others disturbances while sleeping. However, having a firm and great mattress can absorb the waves, which means your sleep will not be disrupted even if your partner rolls on the bed.

4. Controls Snoring

Snoring is sometimes a bigger problem than you can imagine. Snoring usually happens when the air is temporarily obstructed due to blockage. It not only affects people’s sleep, but it can also create severe problems in the future. But did you know that a wrong mattress can also cause snoring? If your mattress is too soft and sags too much, your neck and head do not get equal support, causing your throat to constrict. It can cause snoring. So, buy the right mattress that provides a snore-free and relaxed sleep.


Futons and mattresses both of them have enough qualities. However, we cannot deny that when it comes to having a good night’s sleep, we must look at both comfort and health benefits. So, choose the one you find the most suitable for your health as well as comfort.