Frederic Remington’s Noteworthy Paintings and Exhibitions

Frederic Remington's Noteworthy Paintings and Exhibitions

Frederic Remington was an American painter, sculptor, and illustrator best known for depicting the American West. He was born in Canton, New York, in 1861 and developed an early interest in art and illustration. His travels and experiences strongly influenced Remington’s work in the West, and his paintings and sculptures often featured cowboys, soldiers, Native Americans, and other aspects of frontier life.

He started to make a good name in the art world with his depictions of Native Americans, cowboys, and the Wild West. In 1885, he began to travel throughout the West in search of inspiring subjects for his art. He returned with hundreds of sketches and paintings, which he then displayed in several highly successful New York, Boston, and Philadelphia exhibitions.

Below is a look at some of his most noteworthy works and exhibitions.

The Wreck of the Concord Coach

One of the most famous artist Frederic Remington paintings is “The Wreck of the Concord Coach”, painted in 1895 and considered a masterpiece of American Western art. This Frederic Remington art features the aftermath of a stagecoach accident, with the vehicle’s wreckage scattered across the snowy landscape. The work showcases Remington’s ability to capture the drama and excitement of frontier life and his technical skill in painting the human figure and the natural environment.

The artwork is set against a backdrop of rolling hills and snow-covered trees, with the stagecoach overturned and the horses and passengers in disarray. Artist Remington masterfully conveys the chaos and confusion that must have accompanied the accident while highlighting the bravery and determination of the passengers and stagecoach driver. The human figures in the painting are well-proportioned and rendered with great care, with each face and gesture conveying a sense of individuality and personality.

This work is notable for its dynamic composition, powerful sense of movement, and vivid depiction of the American West.

A Dash for the Timber

Another important painting by Remington is “A Dash for the Timber”, which was painted in 1888. This painting features a group of cowboys on horseback, racing towards a stand of trees as they attempt to escape from pursuing Native Americans. The painting is notable for its dynamic composition, powerful sense of movement, and vivid depiction of the American West.

The background of the painting features a sweeping vista of the American West, with rolling hills and towering mountains in the distance. Remington’s attention to detail in the painting is remarkable, with the clouds, trees, and other landscape elements rendered with great care. The overall effect is a powerful representation of the excitement of the American West.

The Outlier

It was painted in the late 19th century and is considered one of Remington’s most famous works. The painting depicts a lone cowboy on horseback, with the horse standing on a small rise and surveying the vast, open landscape of the American West. The cowboy, dressed in typical western attire, is depicted as a solitary figure, separate from civilization and facing the unknown dangers of the frontier.

Remington’s western paintings and sculptures are known for capturing the essence of the American West and its rough-and-tumble spirit. “The Outlier” is an excellent example of this style, with its dramatic use of light and shadow, attention to detail, and iconic depiction of the American frontier.

His Noteworthy Sculptures

In addition to Frederic Remington’s paintings, he was also a successful sculptor, creating works in bronze, marble, and other materials. His most notable sculptures include “The Bronco Buster”, which was cast in 1895 and depicted a cowboy breaking a wild horse. The dynamic composition and attention to detail in the horse and rider’s anatomy make this sculpture a tour de force in Western art.

Another of his most noteworthy sculptures is “The Outlaw”, which was cast in 1906 and featured a Native American warrior on horseback, galloping through the countryside. This Frederic Remington art showcases Remington’s skill in capturing movement and conveys a sense of freedom and wildness.

These sculptures, like sculptor Remington’s paintings, are widely recognized as masterpieces of American Western art.

His Exhibitions

Throughout his career, Frederic Remington, the cowboy artist, exhibited his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions. As a result, he was widely recognized as one of the leading artists of the American West, and his work was highly sought after by collectors and art lovers.

Some of Remington’s most noteworthy paintings and exhibitions include his 1889 “Old West Series”, which was shown at the National Academy of Design in New York. This series included Remington’s famous sculpture of “The Bronco Buster”, which showcased Remington’s unique sculpting style and ability to capture the action and drama of the West.

Another of Remington’s most successful exhibitions was “The Taos Society of Artists”, which he founded in 1898. This society was dedicated to promoting Native American art and culture, and Remington’s contributions were invaluable to the group’s success.

His works were featured in the group’s first exhibition, and he was instrumental in organizing several other exhibitions of Native American art. Remington’s paintings and sculptures can be found in major art museums and private collections worldwide, and his legacy still continues to inspire new generations of artists and art lovers.


Remington’s works have been exhibited in many countries around the world. His paintings have been displayed in the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many other major galleries. His works have been praised for their unique style and ability to capture the essence of the American West.

Remington’s paintings and sculptures are admired by art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. His masterpieces continue to be admired for their timeless beauty and ability to capture the spirit of the West. So if you’re looking for an iconic piece of Western art, you can’t go wrong with Frederic Remington’s works.