Four of the Most Popular Long-Distance Moving Destinations – See Why Everyone Else Is Headed South


It is a wonder what makes a house a home because that journey is personal for everyone, and frequently, the memories created within the space make everything feel like home. Locating a city and state that will be the perfect place for yourself and your family to land is a big part of finding peace, safety, and comfort in your house, especially when preparing for a cross-country move. There are so many options across the US, and while fewer people are choosing to migrate long-distance, more and more people from the Mile High City are seeking new places to live, and it seems like the South is trending.

Some may say that Southern hospitality is contagious, but inexplicitly knowing how to complete the moving processes by yourself is not a task everyone has the knack for. Enlisting assistance from a moving and storage company in Louisville, CO, in your long-distance journey can make the moving process simple, easy, and convenient – rather than a situation that brings additional stress and frustration to your life. When you attempt to create a new home in a new place, you deserve to have a clear mind and complete closure on the previous chapter before starting anew, no matter where that may be.

Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina is known for its gorgeous coastline, the contrast of the Smoky Mountains, NASCAR, and basketball – but none of these things quite compare to the community you can find in the Tar Heel State. One of the reasons we see so many Denverites heading out of the city is the sheer cost of living. It is too great for many people to continue battling, and while some are making ends meet, they still cannot place a down payment on a home of their own. If you have been looking for a place that provides affordability, NC is it – with housing costs sitting below the national average and much lower than what Coloradans are used to. There are also many job opportunities as it is known for providing an excellent place for starter companies and determined entrepreneurs! Raleigh is a great place to lay down roots for yourself or your family, and there is no doubt why this is one of the most popular places to move in 2023.

Tampa, Florida

Heading down to the Sunshine State, the great state of Florida has always been where Coloradans enjoy vacationing, but have you ever considered moving into paradise? Tampa is where the sun is always shining, and it is essentially warm all year round, but it can get a bit humid, which may take some getting used to. You get access to the Gulf of Mexico, but you can always travel a couple of hours out, experience the other side of the panhandle, and visit the Atlantic coast. Plus, Florida does not observe personal income taxes, so at the end of the day, that is more money in your pocket and more savings for your dream house!

Knoxville, Tennessee

Shifting perspectives, Tennessee may not be at the top of your list in terms of states to live in, but don’t cast judgment before you give it a chance – there are tons of people flowing into the Volunteer State, and for good reason. It has been rated as one of the most livable and likable cities in the United States, with the population steadily increasing. You aren’t in a metropolis in Knoxville, but you get the small-town vibes with the typical big-city amenities and an incredible price! You just can’t beat the prices and the opportunities for your career or education. If you want a place with built-in homey vibes, then Knoxville may be at the top of your list for a visit!

Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama just may be the sweet home for you – it sure is considered the best place to be by current residents and transplants. Huntsville is known for being a great base for the NASA flight center, and while it is a smaller city, the economy is thriving and growing exponentially. You will have access to low-cost living, even lower-cost housing options, many job opportunities, and close-knit communities that uphold the good old Southern hospitality. While this is very different than Colorado’s scenery, change can be good, and it is up to you to determine where will be best for you and your household. If you are considering an upcoming move, having reputable movers to guide you through the process is the key to safely getting there with your household goods.

DTC Movers in Louisville, CO, offers elite local, long-distance, and cross-country moving, packing, and storage solutions to their friends and residents in the Mile High and across the country. DTC Movers has dedicated their company to developing simple moving options to avoid further complicating their clients’ lives. If you are considering moving to any of these popular destinations, consider contacting reliable movers in your city for a consultation and free moving estimate – you may end up in your new home much quicker than you expected!