ForGiva Blog Review | Best Blogging or Digital Marketing Tips


ForGiva is a tech and marketing blog that provides the latest news and tips related to technology, blogging, digital marketing, and more. The blog was recently acquired by Sarfaraz Khan, who shared that ForGiva gets around 10,000 daily views and earns around $2000 per month.

Background of ForGiva Blog

ForGiva started off as a personal blog back in 2018 covering topics like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social media strategies, web hosting, and more. Over time, it gained good organic traffic and a subscriber base of over 50,000 people. This growth and loyal audience caught the attention of blogger Sarfaraz Khan who decided to acquire ForGiva to take it to the next level.

Sarfaraz brings over 10 years of blogging experience to further develop engaging content strategies, build meaningful partnerships, and experiment with monetization models like affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. His vision is to establish ForGiva as a go-to resource for actionable tips to grow your online presence.

Key Content Pillars

ForGiva primarily focuses on the below topics in the blogging, marketing, and technology niche:

  • Blogging Tips – Content strategies, SEO optimization, web hosting recommendations, best practices etc.
  • Digital Marketing Tactics – Social media advice, email marketing, search engine marketing, lead generation tactics etc.
  • Tech Reviews – Productivity apps, creative tools, website builders, ecommerce platforms etc.
  • Business Spotlights – Interviews with industry experts, entrepreneurs, influencers etc.
  • Affiliate Programs – Curation of affiliate networks, promotional tips, real user reviews etc.

Why ForGiva Stands Out

Here are some key reasons ForGiva is gaining good traction:

  • Practical, research-backed advice – The writing focuses on proven tactics over vague theoretical concepts.
  • Transparent business model – Generates income ethically through affiliates and sponsors rather than fake reviews.
  • Community engagement – Fosters discussions via comments and social media channels.
  • Responsiveness – Quick resolution to user queries sets them apart.

Revenue Streams

As per Sarfaraz, ForGiva earns approximately $2000 per month by:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Promoting relevant products and services results in commissions.
  • Sponsored Posts – Paid partnerships with brands who contribute custom content.
  • Display Advertising – Google AdSense based graphical ads matched to site content.

Future Outlook

ForGiva aims to continue rapid growth in terms of traffic, subscribers, and revenue over 2023-2024. Some planned milestones include:

  • Enhancing site design and user experience
  • Expanding content to YouTube videos and podcast formats
  • Developing a community forum for knowledge sharing
  • Launching own digital products and paid courses
  • Building an influencer team for better outreach

With a consistent high quality benchmark across articles, genuine recommendations, and creative monetization, ForGiva seems well positioned to establish itself both as an industry blog and a stable business.


ForGiva offers some of the most useful and practical blogging tips for those looking to grow their online presence and income. Under Sarfaraz’s leadership, the blog is sure to see continued expansion in coming months. Aspiring bloggers or marketers can greatly benefit from regularly visiting ForGiva.