First Long-Distance Move? Don’t Forget These Eight Essentials


Moving to a new place, into a new house or apartment, is an exhilarating time, but as you prepare for your migration, there are many steps to take before arriving at your move date. Moving into your new home requires a solid checklist and an understanding of the tasks, from managing your budget to beginning the packing process. If you are moving away from Colorado for the first time, you are probably using the internet to search for long-distance movers near me; however, to ensure that you are choosing the right company, there are multiple things to consider before making any decisions.

Consider Saving Money and Being Flexible with Your Move Date

If you have any say in the matter and aren’t limited by a tight timeline, being meticulous with your move date can help your budget and save you money! The busiest season for moving is the Summertime when rental rates and housing costs rise, so if you can choose your moving schedule, you can save in multiple ways. When moving companies are in high demand, their rates will increase, alongside the fuel surcharges, as the gas price also notoriously rises during the summer months. Moving in the Fall and Winter months, during a weekday, will allow you to access the best rates.

Get Multiple Moving Estimates

Before you schedule your move, getting as many quotes as possible from local movers in the Lakewood area is best. Most all movers will provide a free in-home, over-the-phone, or virtual moving estimate and consultation. The more quotes you receive, the larger the options you can choose from. Once you have gained enough quotes, you can compare and contrast each one against your budget and set moving needs.

Validate the Legitimacy of Your Movers

Using the estimates to narrow down your moving options, you will also want to research these companies. Some businesses will pose as full-service movers, but they are, in fact, broker companies that will charge a relatively high deposit only to pass your job along to a legitimate moving company. To avoid a situation like this, you will need to put a little work into checking the background, licensing, registration, insurance, and previous customer reviews. Ensure the company you are considering has a legitimate address, DOT number, MC number, moving trucks, customer service department, etc.

Organize Everything Before Packing

When things are in motion, you may contemplate or even procrastinate the packing portion of your moving procedures. Packing is necessary, but it is often a task that Littleton residents and people across America would choose to avoid if possible. Before gathering your packing supplies, you want a good idea of your complete inventory for the move. Decluttering and downsizing are critical to saving money on the volume of your move, and you will also have a much easier time packing up, unpacking, and starting fresh at your new place.

Label All Moving Boxes in Detail

To stay organized and prepared for the unpacking and move-in phase of relocating, labels are the key. Labeling each moving box clearly will allow the movers to get everything offloaded into their designated room, and the finer details are up to you. The more information you can list in each box provides you with a quick and efficient understanding of what goes where plus, if you need something immediately, you will know exactly where you can find it without having to rummage through every box.

Review What You Can and Cannot Move with You

Moving across the interstate, your driver and moving crew must follow the rules and regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation to transit household goods. While you may like to bring all the food in the fridge to save a little extra cash for when you arrive at your destination, that is not something that movers can oblige. Check with your moving company and customer service team to confirm what you can and cannot pack for transport. Generally speaking, any liquids, perishables, ammunition, medication cannot be loaded onto the moving truck, but your personal moving representative can provide all the details.

Notify Important Parties & Transfer Utilities

Relocation requires a ton of little logistics and errands so you can quickly settle into your new home and neighborhood. As you zero in on your moving date there, you must notify all important parties that you are relocating, provide an updated address and prepare your new home with internet, utilities, etc. Head to the Post Office or check the website to update your address and forward your mail. If you have school-aged children, you may want to request medical documents from their current pediatrician for shot records and simple school registration. Create a list of what you must tackle and contact each party individually until complete.

Pack Up an Essential Bag

Moving companies will always get your household goods across the country as quickly as possible, but it is not guaranteed they will arrive the same day that you do. Packing a bag, suitcase, or a couple of boxes full of your essentials for when you get to the new home is important. This way, you will have all of your necessities and will not need to rely on spending more money on new stuff. Either way, having movers you can depend on to keep your belongings safe during their transport will provide a sense of security and peace of mind.

Rocky Movers in Littleton, CO, provides superior moving service solutions whether you are moving locally or long distance. Rocky’s movers are committed to creating a new kind of moving experience, catering to each customer as individuals to get them across the country safely. You can use as many tips and tricks as you can pick up when relocating but securing a legitimate moving crew to support you throughout the journey is the most essential part of a successful long-distance move.