Exploring Professional Landscaping Services for Businesses: What You Need to Know


As a business owner, you want to ensure your building creates a powerful first impression. Hiring a landscaping service for your business will beautify your commercial outdoor space and help you attract high-end tenants, clients, or employees.

The benefits of professional landscaping extend beyond aesthetic appeal. These services can also increase your property’s value, improve your building’s energy efficiency, and create a healthy, productive work environment.

However, you need to hire the right landscaping business to derive these benefits. This post discusses everything you need to know when exploring landscaping services, courtesy of Noble Landscape Management, Franklin, TN’s premier commercial landscaping company.

Services at the Lowest Rates Are Not Necessarily the Best

Commercial property owners often make the mistake of gathering several landscaping quotes and then selecting the one with the lowest rates. While this approach can help you save in the short term, your focus should instead be on long-lasting value for money.

The cheapest landscapers often cut back on materials and labor, resulting in issues that may be more expensive to address. Instead, consider budget-friendly landscaping services that provide a high-end solution within your price range.

Online Reviews Are Valuable When Exploring Landscaping Services

If you want to know what you can expect from a landscaping service, online reviews are your most valuable information source. These reviews are generally honest, with some giving an in-depth account of various landscaping service aspects. When a previous client takes the time to write an unbiased review, they aim to help others make informed decisions.

Google Maps and consumer sites are the best places to find unbiased reviews on a landscaping service. You can also visit a landscaper’s website to see customer reviews but remember that companies are unlikely to include negative reviews.

A Landscaper Should Offer the Services You Need

Make sure that the landscaping company offers the services you need. For example, if you need an initial landscape design and construction service with ongoing maintenance, don’t settle for a company specializing in lighting and irrigation. Even if a landscaper is willing to provide a solution that falls outside its service range, you are better off working with someone who meets your landscaping requirements.

Experience and Expertise Are Critical Factors

When considering a landscaping service for your business, ask the following questions:

  • Since when has the landscaping company been in business?
  • Which certifications does the landscaping company have?
  • What certifications do the company’s crew members have?
  • Do the crew members undergo regular training?
  • Is the company licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Do the team members complete landscaping projects themselves, or do they use subcontractors?

A relatively new company may be viable, provided its team members have the necessary skills and expertise to complete your landscaping job while maintaining high-quality standards.

Reputable Landscapers Have Portfolios

A reputable landscaping company will have no problem providing a landscaping portfolio containing the specifics of past projects. Some landscapers include the contact details or testimonials of property owners who used their services.

Check the landscaping company’s work to ensure it meets your quality requirements. You should also contact the company’s references, especially if you want a long-term arrangement.

You Can Request a Visit to a Job Site

Ask a landscaper who you are considering if you can visit one of their jobs in progress. When visiting a job site, pay attention to the company’s professionalism. Proper site management, clear communication, and thorough coordination are all signs that you are dealing with a professional landscaping company. On the other hand, if you notice signs of poor project management, consider another landscaping service.

Association Members Are Always Worth Considering

Ideally, the landscaping company you choose for your business should be a state or national landscaping association member. A landscaper who belongs to an association is more likely to be up to date on local codes and regulations, best practices, and developments in the landscaping industry.

Associations also tend to hold their members to high standards. Landscaping companies often rely on associations for vocational training and other forms of support. As a result, a landscaping company member of an association will be more likely to provide you with a high-value service.

Final Thoughts

A professional landscaping service can significantly improve your commercial building’s curb appeal. With thorough research, you can choose a reputable landscaping company that can satisfy your needs while ensuring long-lasting value for money.