Experimenting with Lighting and Space in Your Concord, NC Home

Experimenting with Lighting and Space in Your Concord, NC Home

Owning a home comes with many freedoms, mainly in the form of customization. As long as you are not a renter in the house, then you can make changes to the layout and structure of the home to make it more appealing to you and your family. These changes can either serve your own needs or be made to increase property value in preparation for a future sale.

The possibilities for upgrading your home are endless. You can overhaul the outdoor space by doing work in the yard. Bathroom updates are a popular home improvement strategy as well. Even small changes like painting the trim throughout your living spaces can have a big impact on the atmosphere of the home.

Two factors that play a big role in interior design are lighting and space. Together, these aspects can work to determine what kind of experience people will have when they enter your home, including yourself and potential guests. Let’s take a look at a few strategies to play with lighting and space in your Concord, NC home.

Minimalist Furniture

If you want a certain room to feel open and large, then you will have to worry about clutter. Often, the type of furniture you own can quickly make the room feel very full, especially if it includes ornate designs. Minimalist furniture that serves its purpose and nothing else can create the impression of more space. The straight lines and lack of ornate designs of these pieces will blend more seamlessly with the dimensions of the room, diminishing their physical presence in the space. By reducing the furniture clutter in the room, you can trick the eye into believing the room is more open.


The perfect blend of creating the illusion of more space and improving the natural lighting in a room can be accomplished with large mirrors. Mirrors are reflective surfaces that can bounce around the natural sunlight coming in from windows, making the light rays go further than they normally would. This brightens up the space whenever a light is turned on at night or the sun is shining through the windows. Additionally, mirrors create the illusion of a larger space. The bigger the mirror, the greater this effect will be. This is a cost-effective strategy for opening up the room and making it a little bit brighter.

Glass Partitions

You might think of glass partitions as more of a commercial design element. While this is usually true, residential owners can implement this unique concept just as effectively in their homes. Glass partitions can be very versatile, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Since they are often retractable or mobile, they can make a large open living space turn into smaller, more intimate settings while still maintaining a sense of openness and space. Families with young children can quickly cordon off a playroom by shifting a glass partition in a large family room, reducing noise while maintaining visibility. This unique feature can be a fun way to play with the space of your interiors without sacrificing lighting.

Window Upgrades

Windows play an important role in both space and lighting. The larger your windows and the more there are that face the sun, the brighter the room will be and the bigger it will feel. Upgrading the size of your windows is a surefire strategy for bringing in more natural daylight and inviting in the openness of the outdoors. Maybe you want to diminish the amount of sunlight coming in from some large windows that you are not a fan of. Fortunately, there are home window tinting options in Concord to accomplish your objectives.

Adjust Your Layout

Maybe you don’t have the money to invest in some of these home upgrades to experiment with the lighting and space in your home. Not to worry, you can still play around with these interior design aspects simply by shifting the layout of the rooms. Furniture takes up a lot of space in certain areas, which means that moving things around can achieve an entirely new atmosphere for a space. Maybe your family room feels cramped because you are not efficiently using the available space with your furniture layout. Try moving things around to see if they make the area feel more open or more cramped. It is far cheaper than spending money on home improvement projects, but it can still make a big difference in your living environment.

Let Your Personality Shine

Whenever you make changes to your home, you should always do so in your best interests. Don’t just copy and paste an interior design that you see on Pinterest because you thought it looked beautiful. Make a couple of adjustments that put your personal flair into the changes. The concepts listed above can all be implemented to play with lighting and space in your home in Concord, NC, but make sure that the end result is something that you actually desire before investing any money into improvements.