Expensive Areas For Luxurious Apartment Living In Dubai

Luxurious Apartment Living In Dubai

While it might be easy to see the overwhelming number of attractive apartments in the city and assume that Dubai is the best place on Earth to find luxury housing, it’s important to consider what you need to live in a prime location.

With hundreds of gorgeous high-end units available, sometimes it can take time to decide which one is right for you. In Dubai, many specific areas offer luxury living—the challenge is deciding which location best suits you. Here’s a look at the most expensive areas for luxury apartments in Dubai!

Jumeirah Bay Island:

It is not surprising that Jumeirah Bay Island, which is located in the Arabian Sea and resembles a large seahorse, is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Dubai to buy or rent a property.

This prestigious island neighborhood is quickly gaining a reputation as the new location of choice for the city’s most selective homeowners and tenants. The island paradise is great for prospective tenants or investors who want to retain opulent lifestyles due to its proximity to the sea, which is only a few meters away from your property, its luxurious resorts, a posh yacht club, and an array of dining outlets.

In addition to the advantages discussed above, Jumeirah Bay Island offers many additional amenities and advantages that make it an attractive option.

It is a freehold community located in the renowned neighborhood of Jumeirah, is welcoming to those with pets, and also features furnished flats. In addition, the location’s proximity to several of Jumeirah’s most prestigious educational institutions makes it an excellent option for families with children.

City Walk:

Another prestigious neighborhood in Dubai, City Walk is home to some of the city’s priciest real estate, including some of the most costly residences.

The region is home to several well-liked destinations for amusement and relaxation, including the world-famous Mattel Play Town and The Green Planet. In addition, you’ll be mere minutes away from The Dubai Mall if you choose to make this area your home.

In addition to its variety of entertainment possibilities, the island features a comprehensive selection of high-end amenities and services. This includes everything from spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows and maid’s quarters to panoramic views of the Burj Khalifa and access to a swimming pool.

Also included are gorgeous interiors and access to the building’s swimming pool. The fully furnished apartments in City Walk are another alternative that could be worth looking into for individuals willing to invest a little bit more money.

AL Barari:

Al Barari is a community conscious of its environmental impact and offers an alternative for people who want to live more sustainably without sacrificing their standard of living. There are also certain advantages to calling Al Barari home.

The gated community offers residents a variety of amenities, including a health club, a destination spa, plenty of green areas, and even a gourmet restaurant, in addition to a tranquil living environment.

The apartments in this complex might have voluminous walk-in closets, open kitchens, up-to-date home appliances, and much more. It is also on the list of areas in Dubai that have villas with private pools, and it is included in that list.

Because Al Barari is well recognized as one of the most pricey residential districts in Dubai, it is strongly recommended that you investigate the local cost of living before deciding to purchase a home there.

The annual rent for available apartments in Al Barari is around AED 150,000 on average. Those who are looking to purchase real estate in one of Dubai’s most costly communities have the option of investing in this region as well. On average, the cost of buying a flat in Al Barari is 2.8 million AED.


Sufficient knowledge of the prices and costs of living in Dubai will help you understand which areas best suit your needs and temperament. Many high-net-worth individuals who buy apartments in Dubai are primarily interested in the quality of life and the diversity that can be found in these specific living environments. For example, luxury villas and apartments with pools are popular among wealthy residents.