Euflexxa for Osteoarthritis Knee

Euflexxa for Osteoarthritis Knee

Osteoarthritis – a health issue often followed by certain complications that make one’s lifestyle and routine much harder. It’s not surprising because how would you, for example, go to the gym or jog with aching pain in your knee? In addition, read breg polar care cube for knee pain after going through this article.

Fortunately, this problem is actively discussed and considered, so the number of possible treatments to solve it is pretty impressive. Among the most popular ways to get rid of painful sensations in the knee area is using Euflexxa, so today, we want to talk more about this variation of the injectable gel. What is this product, and how exactly can it be helpful? Are there any important details every patient should be aware of? Let’s discuss and answer all crucial questions!

More About the Product for Knee Joint Treatment

Euflexxa injections are medications with hyaluronan (its synthetic version) in the composition; due to the fact hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the body, specialists can guarantee minimal adverse reactions and irritations. It mixes well with synovial fluid and can be smoothly placed in the joint space to provide more effortless gliding between joints.

Because of osteoarthritis, synovial fluid can’t lubricate this area well, which is quite harmful to knee joints. Inflammations, pain, and the inability to move correctly are just a few of the problems caused by this issue.

Similar to other drugs for osteoarthritis treatment, Euflexxa acts as a lubricant and shock absorber, so the stiffness and ache are significantly reduced. Some researchers even claim such products are able to improve natural HA production, so the effectiveness of the gel lasts for much longer after the first doctor’s appointment.

Procedure Protocol

In order to treat OA knee pain, a patient has to be ready that the treatment will take some time to demonstrate desired results. Euflexxa injection is administered within three weeks as a series of intra-articular shots. The product arrives in a pre-filled glass syringe which is not reusable (so it’s meant for a single treatment).

Some patients need the excess fluid drained from around the knee before the drug administration. It can be very useful for a few reasons: reduced localized swelling, no hyaluronan dilution after the procedure, better results after the first injection, etc.

After preparation, Euflexxa is injected into the mid-kneecap region with one smooth movement; the procedure is entirely painless, which is also a great bonus (however, some customers still confirm the stinging feeling when the needle punctures the skin). According to secondary outcome measures, even though the injection itself doesn’t cause great discomfort, certain adverse reactions typical for the product may lead to several complications. That’s why it is crucial to pay close attention to one’s well-being after the appointment and contact a medical professional as soon as any warning signs appear. We are going to discuss those in more detail in the next paragraph.

More About the Results

Such products as Euflexxa is not a solution that specialists would recommend as the first option; however, if traditional medications and physical therapy are not helpful, most patients don’t have another choice to reduce joint pain. Moreover, the general success of the treatment depends on certain individual peculiarities as well (such as age, the severity of the disease, health conditions, and others). If a doctor decides that Euflexxa is the right option for a patient, the success after just three injections may last up to 2 years.

Sometimes, additional administration sessions are required once a year to maintain the effectiveness of the gel.

Possible Risks That Should Be Considered

The best thing about Euflexxa is that it’s able to provide significant improvements in a short time; still, it comes with a price. Of course, we are talking about adverse reactions that can be quite annoying and cause slight discomfort after the appointment is finished.

The diversity of symptoms varies and can be divided into two categories: mild and short-lasting. According to clinical research, people who receive Euflexxa experience these common side effects:

  • Joint stiffness, swelling, and sensitivity;
  • Back pain;
  • Stuffy/runny nose;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Nausea;
  • Leg pain;
  • Severe headache;
  • And so on.

All of those should be gone within a few days; if not, or if more severe adverse reactions occur after the treatment, it is crucial to inform a healthcare provider immediately to receive all needed medical help. We are talking about fever, body pain, redness, swelling, etc.; all of those can be a sign of infection, so it is crucial to take it under control as fast as possible.

Specialists also recommend following some aftercare tips, so it is better to stay away from the gym, don’t do the heavy lifting, and be careful with your knees in general for a few days. In this way, it’ll be easier to avoid post-treatment complications. 

Consider These Contraindications

It is impossible to use Euflexxa if any contraindications are related to a patient. Among the most common ones are allergies related to hyaluronan, sodium hyaluronate, or hyaluronic acid. It is also impossible to perform the procedure if the target area is damaged, inflamed, or irritated.

Overall, that’s all you should keep in mind. The complete list can be discussed with a doctor during the consultation in a clinic. All possible complications and aftercare recommendations can also be talked through to make sure all the nuances are known and taken care of.

Euflexxa is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women; however, it is still recommended to consult with a specialist to ensure the procedure is safe and won’t be followed with complications. 

The Bottom Line: About Euflexxa for Osteoarthritis Knee

Euflexxa to relieve knee pain is an effective product for people with osteoarthritis knee complications. Thanks to the hyaluronan in the composition, it is possible to lubricate the space between joints and eliminate painful sensations that can make one’s life significantly harder. All ingredients of the gel make this product suitable for practically any patient out there, so many medical professionals prefer it over other brands with similar characteristics. Hopefully, after this article, you’ll understand this injectable better. Stay safe!