Does Chiropractic Care Help in Handling Fatigue Better? Find Alternative Ways to Handle Fatigue


Everybody gets tired. Only when you have a good night’s sleep will you feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever happens in the day ahead. However, there is a proper difference between fatigue and normal tiredness. There are a lot of people who get diagnosed with the condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome. Is it easy to diagnose these symptoms because they always mimic other illnesses? Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that is highly prevalent and people do not realize but both men and women get affected by it. It is quite common among people between the ages of 40 to 50. It comes with a series of symptoms however it is different and it is important for you to seek proper medical advice to ensure that you get a proper diagnosis.

Many people get a full night’s sleep but they still feel unrefreshing. After waking up they feel fatigued. This leads to lack of concentration and they also find difficulty in focusing on the day-to-day task. Like getting dressed, going to work, cooking, and planning simple meals. The feeling of extreme tiredness and utter exhaustion can last up to days leading to mental and physical exhaustion.

Many people who suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome might also get diagnosed with depression because of the reason they are not able to carry out daily tasks like taking care of their children, doing their spousal functions, or concentrating on work. As such they start losing confidence and depression attacks them. When they are not able to lead a normal life, they feel socially isolated.

What are the forms of fatigue?

There are various forms of fatigue and initially linked to chronic fatigue syndrome. However, each situation is different and each person has a different medical history therefore going to a reputed chiropractor is important for them to get proper diagnosis. A new parent will know the concern of taking care of looking after a newborn by not sleeping throughout the night.

There are other conditions that can also manifest in fatigue such as diabetes. Even trauma and repression get closely linked to extreme tiredness as well as following an unhealthy lifestyle. You might feel lifeless with less energy that is affecting the nervous system. People who suffer from back pain can also experience fatigue because they are not able to sleep comfortably or sit in a proper posture.

No wonder some people have strong painkillers or prescription drugs which can affect the natural sleep cycle leading to more fatigue.

Chiropractor and fatigue

A new parent is suffering from extreme tiredness due to a colic baby; they can go to Active Edge Chiropractic and Functional Medicine to treat the entire family including the small baby. Everybody knows dealing with a small colic baby is a very overwhelming and draining experience. It is obvious that new parents would not want to give the small child any kind of medication. You must know that a chiropractor is skilled at understanding the root cause of the colic baby and they will try to link it with misalignment in the baby spine at the time of birth.

They will study the health history of the baby and conduct a gentle examination of the infant to find a possible treatment.