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Every Volkswagen vehicle is identified by a distinctive identity code known as VIN. This code provides essential information about your Volkswagen vehicle, including the maker, manufacturing year, the facility where it was manufactured, engine type, model, and so on. 

For instance, suppose a person wishes to purchase a car. The VIN number may be checked against an internet database to guarantee that the vehicle was not hijacked, vandalized, or unlawfully changed. The VIN number follows a standard format that is known internationally. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique identifier for each Volkswagen vehicle. 

This one-of-a-kind 17-digit number assists second-hand car purchasers in avoiding scams. Throughout a car’s lifespan, its VIN number serves as a reference code for logging multiple events as well as other facts about the car. 

How often has a specific vehicle been involved in an accident? Is the odometer reading showing accurate? How many times has it gone to the authorized facility of the manufacturing company? A free Volkswagen VIN lookup from VinPit may answer all of these questions and much more.

Decoding the Volkswagen VIN: Character by Character

A Volkswagen VIN decoder may provide a variety of details about this car. Every digit in a Volkswagen VIN stands for the following:

1st character

The first character represents the originating nation. It might be either a letter or a number. 

2nd character

It might be an alphabetic or a number representing the vehicle’s corporation. For example, a Volkswagen car will have a “V” as a second character.

3rd character

It represents the vehicle type or factory division where the car was built. The first three letters are also known as WMI.

4th to 8th character

These contain general information about the VW car, such as body style, color, engine design, model, series, tonnage, gearbox type, and so on. They are referred to as the Vehicle Description Section (VDS).

9th character

It is a check digit, a unique identifying number that aids in determining whether or not the VIN is authentic. 

10th character

It identifies the year when the vehicle was constructed. 

11th character

The 11th character of VIN is a code from the factory where the car was manufactured.

12th to 17th character

The sequential car order or manufacturing number is the final six numbers of Volkswagen VIN.

Browse here to see what you can find in your VIN.

Guide to Using VW VIN Decoder to Lookup a Volkswagen VIN

After studying the information, you wonder about using the VW VIN scanner to verify Volkswagen’s VIN. Don’t worry; you’ll obtain answers in this part. VinPit is your solution in this regard. Continue reading to learn how to utilize the VinPit VIN decoder to decrypt Volkswagen VIN. 

  • The first step is to navigate to VinPit’s main site. Thereafter, find the box with a search bar and a message with an incorporated link at the top. This hyperlink contains VIN lookup instructions. Remember, two links are displayed: number plate lookup and VIN search.
  • After obtaining the search button, input the VIN into the box. Once you are done with this stage, hit the search icon. This will start the analysis or data retrieval procedure.
  • In conclusion, you only require it for a short period. Following that, you may discover the report in the downloaded part of your PC, tablet, laptop, and so on.

Before learning about the VW VIN decoder, ensure you have met all of the prerequisites for accessing and using the VinPit. Internet connectivity, a device such as a tablet or PC, and a genuine website URL are all required. This will assist you in completing your VIN decoding process efficiently.

What makes VinPit the best Volkswagen VIN Decoder?

VinPit is a fantastic VIN deciphering tool on the marketplace due to a number of abilities. The following are the Vinpit’s primary features:

  • The VinPit’s UI is simple and easy to use. This online VIN decoding platform provides this functionality to promote usability. Everything you encounter after viewing the website has a decent structure and layout. If you lack any particular skill, don’t worry because you may utilize it on the move.
  • The information you will receive is up to date and current. VinPit obtains information from the cops or the DMV. You must have faith in the information you will get. The obtained data and VIN report are both legitimate.
  • VinPit’s VIN report needs to be more clear and simple to interpret. Each piece of data is organized in an easier manner. 
  • You may obtain your VIN record by completing a three-step process. Visit the website, input the number, and bring the report. The interface does not take much time to generate results. You’ll be all set to leave in just a few moments. This will spare you the time you would otherwise spend attending every department to retrieve records.
  • VinPit maintains regular contact with various inspections taking place in the region and maintains early bid prices to assist customers in making the best acquisition.

5 Other Volkswagen VIN Decoder that You Can Try

You may want assistance determining which VIN decoding software to employ. The correct tool matters since it decides if the outcome will be beneficial. When looking up VIN, you have several options. Among the most important choices are:

ClearVIN VIN Decoder

It is a top-notch VIN decoding tool that works with various car organizations to ensure accurate VIN information. The key data providers are state officials, municipal authorities, and financial organizations. Financing, ownership, acquisitions or repossessions, repairing, upkeep, and other information are provided. You may run a quick VIN check and get the most up-to-date information.

If you’re looking for a simple and uncomplicated Volkswagen VIN decoder, you’ve arrived in the right location. can provide a detailed car history in minutes. You only need to input a Volkswagen VIN and allow the system to do the rest to obtain a complimentary car history report. Years of car study results will be at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

EpicVIN VIN Decoder

EpicVIN is the best option when you need real-time information on any car. The EpicVIN database has information on almost 40 million automobiles. This is how you may get a sense of EpicVIN. Aside from that, the VinPit will provide you with facts such as model, accident history, car title, and so on. EpicVIN’s data-harvesting provider is NMVTIS. The #1 car records database in the United States is EpicVIN.

Bumper VIN Decoder 

Bumper is a digital Volkswagen VIN decoding tool. You may obtain information about the car’s important specifications from this tool as it collects data from the 22 administrative units. Moreover, it keeps its data-collecting operations open to these divisions. 

Additional sources of information include scrap yards, auctions, insurance firms, and towing businesses. The VIN data bumper provides information such as market price, security recalls, collisions, sales, etc. The database’s correctness is indisputable, and you will always receive updated information.


It is the finest Volkswagen VIN decoder that leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology. Its service gives complete reports containing information such as ownership, mileage, collisions, and repairs. 

Furthermore, CarVertical uses over 20,000 authoritative sources to verify the material. This platform has additional security standards that ensure no one may modify or falsify vehicle reports. The following are the most significant advantages of this VIN decoder:

  • Reports are kept current.
  • In regards to pricing, CarVertical enjoys a competitive advantage.
  • Reports are comprehensive and quick to view.

The Final Word

The scale of the Volkswagen marketplace cannot be underestimated. With such a massive market, there are certain to be fraudsters and spammers. When working with automobiles, they attempt to be as cautious as possible. 

The biggest disadvantages are that they obscure the truth and lock you in the shadows. Hence, it would be better to confidently utilize the VinPit VIN decoding tool to disclose confidential details about a used car. You should use this tool right now to gain wonderful benefits. 

VinPit is the greatest VIN decoder tool, decoding your Volkswagen VIN in minutes. You may also perform a license plate lookup, obtain car history records, and much more for free. Try it out right now. Please leave your comments below if you’ve any queries. We’d appreciate hearing your opinions on this piece.