Customizing Your Apartments in 2022 and 2023

Customizing Your Apartments

Designing your apartment is one of the exciting things you look forward to when having your own space. You could have fun trying out Pinterest-inspired designs. Or the best approach is to customize the style of your apartment. 

Doing that would add more personality to your space. If you want your apartment to reflect who you are, learn the latest in how to customize your apartments. 

Here are trends from 2022 that you would still watch out for coming 2023!

Why should you customize your apartment?

You may have recently moved to a new apartment. What you’re about to read is perfect for first-time renters with zero ideas on how to style a home.You might only want to add a few upgrades or achieve a new look for your space.

Custom designs are the way to go. You are lucky if you find a fully furnished space. You can focus on customizing the walls and floors to match the chairs and tables. 

Another best move is to repaint and personalize the patterns on the furniture. Changing their covers would be a great start. 

Besides, rental homes are more convenient when you want a new home but do not have time to decorate. If you can customize the designs for your space, that should not be a huge concern.

Check out below some tips gathered from expert home designers and DIY warriors.

What do you need when you customize your apartment?

When designing a new space, you can tag along with your family or friends to make it with you. It would be a nice time to bond with them as well. Having a second pair of eyes to check your designs would lead to better results. 

It is always nice to have others’ opinions. You need this, especially if you create designs based on personal taste.

Here are things that you may need when customizing your apartment. Such includes:


Indeed, you need to spend some cash whenever you want to customize designs. But there are also ideas that you can try and put a budget on. 

You can limit your budget, considering you have a small space to work on. Such are apartments and other rental units.

When you are working on a limited budget, make sure to set priorities. For instance, you may want to start decorating the living room before your bedroom. You may focus first on fixing the spaces where guests would see.

Material prices for 2022 might be slightly different from 2023 prices. Thus, you can choose the right time to start your project. 

Detailed plan

Apartment customization is not as easy as many think it could be. You need to plan in detail to put in place your custom ideas smoothly.

For instance, you need to plan from which store you will get your supplies. You will also need to outline how you want to decorate.

You will also need to plan and compare a material’s quality that can help you save money in the long run.

Necessary tools and supplies

You will need tools and equipment if you plan to have a DIY apartment. 

For starters, you will need a hammer, nails, and cutters. You will also need supplies for your design, like curtains, artwork, and the like. 

What are the trending interior designs of 2022?

 Here are some of the trending interior designs of 2022 that can still be useful for 2023:

Brown shading

The color brown and the shades of it, like caramel and pastels, are one of Vogue’s top interior styles for 2022. Earthy brown shades look natural. 

It gives your apartment a more traditional and straightforward but elegant look. 

Touch of Nature

Nature-inspired designs will not go away. You can try adding your floras to give your space a sense of life. It is tricky to have things at home that would connect you to nature. 

Not everyone has a close tie with Mother Nature. However, eco-friendly items add more personality to your home style.

Minimalist designs

The minimalist design may be one of the most overrated concepts. But you need to brace yourself to see more of the less is more trend.

It is still the practical choice for tiny living spaces, such as your rented space.

You can upgrade your minimalist custom-designed room by breaking it up with the usual neutral colors. 

Nowadays, you can brighten your minimal space with warm whites and ecru for a bit of change. 

How should you customize your apartment in 2023?

 Do not get frustrated if you cannot find the style you want at first. The good news is there is a continuum of styles from 2022 to 2023.

Why not get inspired first from social media? You may also get ideas by asking your friends. 

Ultimately, you should not feel pressured when customizing your apartment. 

Here are some of the emerging designs that can inspire you to customize.

  • Home-office combo
  • Abstract artwork centerpieces
  • Dual-purpose home furniture
  • Clean-shaped design (linear and bold outlines)
  • The bright primary color palette

Closing Thoughts

Custom designs would reflect the owner’s lifestyle. Whether renting or buying an apartment, it is nice to consider making your designs. That way, you will welcome your unique personality and truly call that place your own.