Crown Royal Pineapple Release Date: Debunking the Myth



In 2022, Crown Royal played an April Fool’s prank by teasing a pineapple-flavored whisky release. However, let’s examine the evidence to prove that the Crown Royal Pineapple release date was nothing more than a hoax.

Unreliable Sources and Label Errors

  1. April Fools: As a general rule, news released on April 1st should be taken with a grain of salt. Brands, especially those in the leisure and entertainment industry like alcohol, enjoy participating in April Fool’s pranks. For instance, Sam Adams previously introduced a fictitious helium beer on this day. Therefore, it’s important not to trust news or product releases announced on April Fool’s Day.
  2. Absence on Official Channels: The Crown Royal website, an authoritative source for their products, does not mention the existence of a pineapple-flavored whisky. It’s highly unlikely that a new flavor like Crown Pineapple would be omitted from their official website, considering the significant marketing investments made by Diageo, the parent company.
  3. Unavailability in Stores: Despite our efforts to locate Crown Royal Pineapple in both the United States and Canada, the product was nowhere to be found. Neither liquor stores nor the Crown Royal website listed the pineapple variant for purchase. This absence further supports the conclusion that the release date was a fabrication.
  4. Label Discrepancies: The advertising for the supposed Crown Royal Pineapple release contained spelling errors, such as “Limitted Eddition.” The lack of attention to detail in the artwork, advertising, and label design indicates that the product was not genuine. The absence of trademark symbols and incomplete product information further raises doubts about its authenticity.

Confirmation from Crown Royal

Crown Royal has officially stated that they never released a Pineapple-Flavored Whisky. Despite our attempts to reach out for clarification, the brand has not confirmed any plans to introduce such a product in the future.

Looking Ahead

While the idea of a Pineapple Crown Royal may have excited many whisky enthusiasts, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction. Crown Royal already offers a range of flavors, including Peach, Regal Apple, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla. These flavors, although not including pineapple, are delightful options for mixing in various cocktails.

Crown Royal FAQs

Q: What flavors does Crown Royal offer? Crown Royal currently offers a variety of flavors that pair well with mixers such as Cranberry, Ginger Ale, and Apple Whisky. Notably, Crown Royal Peach, Crown Royal Regal Apple, Crown Royal Salted Caramel, and Crown Royal Vanilla are among the popular options.

Q: Is Crown Royal Pineapple now retired? Crown Royal Pineapple never existed in the first place. The retired lineup for Crown Royal does not include Pineapple as a flavor. The discontinued releases include Crown Royal Cornerstone, Crown Royal Honey, Crown Royal Maple, and Crown Royal XR Red.

Q: Can pineapple juice be mixed with Crown Royal? Yes, pineapple juice can be mixed with Crown Royal. However, it’s important to note that simply adding juice to Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Canadian Whisky will not recreate the flavor of a pineapple-infused variant.

Responsible Drinking

While we eagerly await the possibility of a Crown Royal Pineapple bottle, it’s crucial to practice responsible drinking. For more information on responsible alcohol consumption, please refer to our article about maintaining a healthy approach to drinking.