Common Signs that Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance


An air conditioning system is a mechanical item that requires maintenance and occasional repairs like all other mechanical things. The better you maintain your AC system, the longer it will last while giving you a better return on your investment. An AC system that is efficient and runs as designed will save you money on your electrical bill while making your home more comfortable during hot weather. You might wonder if your AC system needs maintenance. Here are some common signs to look for when it does.

System Blows Warm Air

Blowing warm air is one of the most common signs of a defective AC system that is in need of maintenance or repairs. There might be many potential causes of an AC unit blowing warm air, such as a defective condenser, compressor, or evaporator coils. It might have a freon leak that let all the cooling gas escape. A clogged air filter, defective thermostat, or damaged vents also might affect the air coming from your AC unit and require servicing.

Energy Bill Rises

A rising energy bill often is the first sign that something is wrong with your AC system. If the rising cost is outpacing the rising electricity costs from your local utility, and you have been using the AC system a lot, odds are the AC system has a problem. You should check the air filter and change it if needed. You also should check the vents to make sure they are enabling the free flow of cold air from your air conditioner. If something simple and obvious is not the cause, you should contact an HVAC system to schedule maintenance service.

AC System Makes Noises

You might hear some very unnerving noises coming from your AC system. The noises might include scraping, grinding, or squealing sounds that indicate the system has a defective belt or one or more other moving parts that are causing the sounds. Whenever you hear the AC making noises, you should try to locate the source and have a qualified technician diagnose and fix it so that you have a quiet AC system working its best once again.

Reduced Air Flow

A lack of air flow certainly will affect your AC system. The problem might be something as simple as a dirty air filter. You also might have partly blocked ducts or vents that do not open fully. The problem also could be the blower motor that moves air through the ductwork in your home. Many times, though, the problem is a compressor that is not working as it should. A technician and identify the problem and take care of it for you.

Thermostat Won’t Work

A defective thermostat certainly will make your AC unit work poorly and possibly stop it from working at all. If you have a defective thermostat, you can turn that into an opportunity to replace it with a much better one. Installing a programmable thermostat will help to make your AC system more efficient by adjusting the temperature settings so that it runs less when you need it less and maintains a comfortable temperature during the hours that you commonly are at home.

Water Leaking from the AC System

Your AC system should not cause water to leak. It is common for some condensation to occur, which a drainage pipe should enable to flow away from the unit and evaporate naturally. It isn’t common for that condensation to puddle up or drip into your home or around the AC system.

A blocked or broken drain tube might be the culprit. The system also might cause frost or ice to build up around the condenser and then leak into your home as it melts. AC service can determine the cause and take care of it.