Claudio Jon Henry Banks Personal Life, Net Worth, & Occupation

Claudio Jon Henry Banks

Claudio Jon Henry Banks is the son of the famous American film and television actor Jonathan Ray Banks. Claudio’s father has established himself as a well-known Hollywood tycoon after spending a decade in acting with many superhit movies and tele series. Learn some more about this   star son from this page.

Family Of Claudio Jon Henry Banks

Claudio Jon Henry Banks is the son of a famous TV and film actor Jonathan Ray Banks. His mother is Gennera Banks who is also a well-known model and artist. Besides, Claudio has two siblings Rebecca Elena Banks and Joanna Rae Banks-Morgan.

Father Of Claudio Jon Henry Banks

Claudio Jon Henry Banks’s father Jonathan Ray Banks is a well-known American film and TV star. He has acted in several films and television dramas. He has some memorable appearances in famous shows like ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Wiseguy,’ ‘Fired Up,’ ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘‘Falcon Crest,’ ‘Otherworld, and ‘Community,’ and many more. In his recognizable acting career, Jonathan has He received multiple awards and accolades.

After giving a pioneering performance in the blockbuster film Airplane!, the acting career of Jonathan Ray Banks rose to dominance and he became the heartthrob of the generation.

Mother Of Claudio Jon Henry Banks

The mother of Claudio Jon Henry Banks is Gennera Banks. She comes into the limelight after marrying the renowned American actor, Jonathan Banks. The couple has married for a long time and they have three children together. Apart from being the wife of a successful film and TV star, Gennera is a well-known model. She also has a successful acting career. She has crowned as the former Miss Hawaii. Besides, Gennera is a talented artist, most of her paintings and works are featured on the cover of the comic series ‘Star Trek’, which is a collaboration between IDW and DC Comics.

Siblings Of Claudio Jon Henry Banks

Claudio Jon Henry Banks has two celebrity siblings, his sister Rebecca is renowned for her work on famous films Wet Hot American Summer (2001), and Love Thy Neighbor (2005), and Audition (2015). His brother Morgan is also a famous Professional Photographer. He works for the Joanna Rae Photography which is based in the United States.

Grandmother Of Claudio Jon Henry Banks

Grandmother of Claudio Jon Henry Banks was Elena Adams Banks. She was a professor at Indiana State University and had a very successful career. Elena Adams Banks passed away on 16th September, 2012.

Marriage Of Claudio Jon Henry Banks

Claudio Jon Henry Banks’s celebrity father Jonathan Banks was married twice in his life. The name of his first wife was Marnie Faush. Jonathan tied the knot with Marnie Faush on 9th September in 1968, the marriage taken place with a small ceremony. This couple together has a daughter. Despite the best efforts of the couple their love didn’t not continue for more than two years. Their marriage ended in divorce in the year 1970. Thereafter, Claudio’s parents Jonathan and Gennera tied the knot. Their marriage taken place in December 1990. Together this couple has three children. After spending 27 years together, Jonathan and Gennera have been continued living a happy married life.  At the moment, they’re living a happy family life in Los Angeles.


Claudio Jon Henry Banks is a star son, he has born in a family that have multiple of talented figures. As he’s living a life off the limelight, so no information has been revealed about his career and personal life, but fans of Jonathan Banks are expecting a promising future for Claudio.