Checklist for Home Improvement & Renovation in Dubai

Checklist for Home Improvement

What constitutes a checklist for home renovations & remodeling? Caught in a pickle deciding the priority of home renovations and what work should be carried out first? Sit back, grab a pen & paper to start noting down the essential points of inspection in your little place you call home. Home renovation services nowadays, including the top interior design companies in Dubai, come prepared for all kinds of clients. They are the most cooperative lot among all when it comes to home improvement & refurbishment.


When it comes to Kitchen renovation in Dubai, always start by checking your cabinetry for any spoiled wood & if it needs to be replaced with fresh wood.

Inspect your laminate (if any) on the cupboards for any chipped edges or peeling. If your cupboards are painted, look for any chipped edges or faded parts. Have an inspector come and have your kitchen wood work inspected for any termites or mold. You don’t want to have any termites before the fresh set of paint or hardware comes in, only for it to get spoilt.


Flooring can really liven up any room within seconds. If it is a neatly placed hardwood or a stained carpet, the eyes go to the floor first. TouchStone wrap Dubai offers various options to brighten up your flooring. First, look for bumps or depressions in the hardwood floors. If you have carpeted your home, check for tough stains and torn corners. If you have tiled flooring, consider changing it for a hardwood, vinyl wrapped or carpeted flooring for a fresher look.


Look for leakages in fixtures everywhere- from your sinks to the basements as well as underground piping for any renewals. If you have age-old fixtures in your bathrooms & kitchen, consider opting for fresh fixtures.Replace old creaky sinks with countertop sinks and wide counters around it. This allows for more space while placing your decorative items. Vinyl wrapping is a great way for Bathroom renovation Dubai at an affordable cost.

Living Room:

A living room is a place for socializing & making memories. Ensure you have furniture that is trendy, in-vogue and take out your old carpets. Replace your old sofa with a new and trendy piece to give our living room a vibrant look and feel. Place a large round carpet with a coffee table and decorative items. Have enough seating for those school reunions you planned way back when.


Home Renovation Dubai is not complete without inspecting the electrical systems. To avoid mishaps and accidents, have an expert come in to check for any wiring that requires changing. If you require extra sockets, note it down to inform the electrician about the same. Have him check any loose lighting to get it repaired. Wiring behind the wall is equally important as the exotic chandelier in the dining room. Get it all inspected.


To avoid last minute confusions, stick to this list and begin your home renovation journey. Home renovation company in Dubai such as Touchstone Wrap come equipped and prepared to turn your little home into a dream come true within a short span of time. They deal in Vinyl wrapping solutions that cater to homes, commercial spaces and offices. Vinyl wrapping can be done on all surfaces, from flooring to countertops, cupboards, appliances and even walls.