Casey Carano Biography and Personal Life

Casey Carano

Casey Carano’s mother was Dana Joy, and her father was Glenn Carano, a retired professional soccer player. She has two sisters, namely Gina Joy Carano and Christie Carano.

Casey Carano’s Sister Personal Life

Casey Carano’s sister, Gina Carano, is an American television personality, actress, retired mixed martial artist, and fitness model born on April 16, 1982, in Dallas County, Texas. Casey Carano’s sister is famously called conviction or crush by her fans.

Casey Carano’s sister went to Trinity Christian High School, where she was active in basketball, where they won a state title together with her teammates. She also participated in volleyball. Upon completion, she proceeded to the University of Nevada in Reno for one year before proceeding to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, where she pursued a three-year course in Psychology.

Casey Carano’s sister currently lives in Reno, Nevada, and in Dallas. In addition, she is a Christian, and Aries is her zodiac sign. Both her hair and eyes are dark brown.

Casey Carano’s Sister Dating Life

Casey Carano’s sister started dating Henry Cavil on August 4, 2012, after meeting him during Jessie J Live in London. They later parted ways in December 2014. Casey Carano’s sister also had romantic relationships with Kevin Ross and Kit Cope. Judging from her social media platforms, she is currently single.

Casey Carano’s Sister Net Worth

Casey Carano’s sister, Gina Carano, is worth approximately $8 million thanks to her successful acting and fitness modeling career. Casey Carano’s sister takes home a whopping $352,000 in a year.

Casey Carano’s Sister’s Career

Casey Carano’s sister, Gina Carano, made a debut in her acting career in 2005, featuring in the Ring Girls film. She also featured in the film In the Blood, whose director was John Stockwell. Additionally, in 2012, she was a lead character in the film titled The ExpandaBelles.

In 2013, Casey Carano’s sister co-starred in the movie Fast and Furious 6, playing the role of a team member in the security service team. Casey Carano’s sister made a guest appearance in the “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” show in May 2022.

Casey Carano’s sister is set to play a role in the movie My Son Hunter, which is awaiting release.

Casey Carano’s sister, Gina Carrano, also participated in the Muay Thai sports profession.

Casey Carano’s Sister Controversies

Casey Carano’s sister, Gina Carrano, was on the controversial end in 2021 after Lucasfilm said she would not feature in the Star Wars project after posting controversial posts on social media platforms. Casey Carano’s sister mocked face mask adoption in the United States following Covid 19 outbreak. She also claimed voter fraud existed in the 2020 United States presidential elections.

Casey Carano’s sister, Gina Carrano, was accused of racism in 2020 for not publicly supporting Black Lives Matter. In 2022, the White Knuckle film was canceled since Casey Carano’s sister was unwilling to use face masks and take Covid 19 vaccine in line with Hollywood requirements.

Casey Carano’s Sister Awards

In 2012, Casey Carano’s sister won the AOCA (Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award). The same year, Casey Carano’s sister won the Chick Norris Award for Best Female Action Star.