Can HBOT Result in Oxygen Poisoning?


There are always two sides to every coin. Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages. It is left for you to determine if the benefits are more than the disadvantages or vice versa. It is the same thing with HBOT.

Some people think that HBOT results in oxygen poisoning 100% of the time. Unfortunately, that is an assumption that is not true. The chances of having your system poisoned with too much oxygen in an HBOT chamber are not as straightforward as it seems.

That is because using an HBOT system in line with the manufacturer’s instructions will not lead to oxygen poisoning. As such, this post will be largely dedicated to how you can accurately use a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

What is Oxygen Toxicity?

Oxygen toxicity or oxygen poisoning is when the lungs are damaged by too much oxygen. It is the result of inhaling more than the required amount of oxygen. Oxygen poisoning can make someone experience severe cough and difficulty breathing.

Oxygen poisoning is not a common experience in HBOT. Those who undergo HBOT and comply with the necessary instructions do not have anything to worry about. So, how can one use HBOT chambers and not get oxygen poisoning? Let’s read the rest of the post to find out.

Instructions on How to Use HBOT Chambers Correctly

The only way to use HBOT chambers without worrying about oxygen toxicity is to use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you disregard any of the rules, then you have yourself to blame.

Time Duration in an HBOT Chamber – There is a stipulated amount of time one is expected to spend inside an HBOT chamber. The length of time you will spend depends on several factors. The pressure inside the unit also determines how long the user spends inside the system.

Generally, users are expected to spend at most 3 hours inside the unit at a stretch. In most cases, users are advised to spend daily sessions between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

It is wrong to assume that you can spend any time in an HBOT chamber. There are time limits that should be observed. OxyHelp and other HBOT brands tell their customers how much time they should spend in their chambers.


Supervision – It is also vital that hyperbaric oxygen therapy be closely monitored when it is meant for treatment. Whether you use a Monoplace HBOT chamber or a Multiplace HBOT chamber, your sessions can be supervised.

It is good to have your therapy supervised by a medical expert. They can quickly help you tweak your settings to help you achieve the desired objective.


The supervising thing is ideal for older adults and kids who might want to use the system. But, if you aim to achieve fitness with an HBOT chamber, it is okay to use it without supervision. In such an instance, you must ensure you don’t overuse it though.

Keep All Settings at Moderate Levels – How you regulate your HBOT chamber settings is also essential. Some users are fond of increasing everything to the maximum every time they access the system. However, oxygen supply and pressure levels must be regulated to safe levels.

You should only use the maximum settings when necessary. For instance, regulating oxygen supply and pressure to mid-levels can bring much-needed results.

The Benefits of HBOT

Undergoing HBOT comes with incredible benefits. While there may be disadvantages to using such systems, the benefits make the products worth investing in. If you are still skeptical about purchasing an HBOT chamber, then you should see the benefits below;

Anti-aging Benefits

Models and top celebrities who are not ready to grow old are investing in HBOT chambers. The anti-aging benefits of HBOT chambers may be hard to debate because we see how lots of lady celebrities look younger without cutting their skin.

The anti-aging benefits of HBOT chambers are highly sought after today because the process is almost natural. It uses pure oxygen to activate healing and prevent rapid aging.

Fitness Benefits

HBOT chambers are equally becoming a familiar sight around the homes of some of the best athletes today. Top-performing footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohammed Salah, and others leverage hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers to stay in top shape. Likewise, tennis players, swimmers, and people from all sports spend quality time in HBOT chambers.

Inhaling pure oxygen is all that is needed to make all the tissues in the body function as they are supposed to. In addition, the abundant supply of high-concentration oxygen to the body tissues means the body will be far more energetic than it would have been.

Treatment Benefits

HBOT has gotten approval for a long list of health conditions it can be used for. Initially, HBOT was approved for treating decompression sicknesses only.

This is why many health facilities are installing Multiplace HBOT chambers. It has proven effective in stabilizing patients in critical health situations.

HBOT has been fantastic when it comes to healing difficult wounds. Wounds can heal faster with HBOT. The rate at which it supplies oxygen to damaged tissues helps to repair the tissue faster.

However, it is noteworthy that HBOT should not be used for treating all illnesses. There are health conditions that are not good with HBOT. Speak with your medical professional to know the health conditions that are not good with HBOT.


While your chances of getting oxygen poisoning in an HBOT chamber are very slim, it is also important that you use the system with great care. As we all know, when you misuse anything, that can amount to an abuse of that thing. Look at the bright side – HBOT chambers promise several benefits that make them worth investing in. Usually, you are expected to use HBOT chambers according to instructions. Please, do not spend more than 2 – 3 hours inside the unit in one sitting.