Can Deep Carpet Cleaning Help High Traffic Areas?

Carpets can take a beating. They’re like the boxer who keeps rising up and facing their adversary despite being pummeled continually? Think of all the trampling, dirt, stains, and wear and tear your carpets endure. And while they can stand up to a lot, they eventually need a helping hand to get back on their feet again.

Luckily, you have a companion that you can rely on when it comes to caring for your valiant carpet at home. Professional deep Carpet Cleaning can rescue carpets in the busiest areas of your home or office. And a platinum-rated service provider like Zerorez could help keep your carpets looking pristine, even in areas prone to excess foot traffic.

But how exactly can a deep cleaning service help carpets in high-traffic areas in your house? Stick around to find out more.

Common High-Traffic Areas

Unlike other spots in your home you or other family members rarely step on, high-traffic areas are places where feet (and paws) come and go frequently. Given the movement in these spots, carpets tend to get dirtier faster.

Also, they may require replacement sooner than expected, thanks to the accumulation of dirt and wear and tear – especially if maintenance isn’t a priority. These spots include:

  • Entryways: These are the areas in your house that serve as the primary contact of individuals (and furry loved ones) from the outside. Hence, expect these areas to be heavily riddled with dirt and others every day.
  • Hallways: Hallways are subject to high foot traffic as members of your household thread them when they switch to other rooms at home.
  • Staircases: If you own a two-story property, your staircases are used by everyone at home when they go back and forth to different areas. Hence, carpets in these living spots tend to be flat and matted.
  • Family rooms: Family rooms are areas in your living space where you and your loved ones gather frequently to eat, chit chat with each other, and so much more.
  • Around beds: These are specific spots in bedrooms where the occupants frequent more compared to the rest.

And so much more.


How Deep Carpet Cleaning Helps

Even boxers need a break from all the action to catch their breath and reorganize their strategy. Carpets, too, can’t keep getting up forever – if left unattended. Eventually, the dirt, grime, oils, and soil from daily foot traffic will take their toll on them.

Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning offers carpets a much-needed break, ensuring they have a fighting chance. Carpet cleaning services are professionals that have the right tools and know-how to carry out carpet cleaning work properly. To this end, the upsides of regularly deep cleaning carpets in areas you most frequent include:

  • Removal of dirt, dust mites, and bacteria– these and other hidden contaminants can give your carpet a grubby and off-putting appearance. Proper deep cleaning helps eliminate the ‘traffic lanes’ created on carpets by dirt and constant trampling by feet.
  • Preventing allergies and asthma flares– contaminants in dirty carpets can exacerbate or cause respiratory issues. Plus, if some of your family members have a weak or compromised immune system, they can get sick much faster if carpets aren’t thoroughly cleaned. In short, deep cleaning helps your family stay healthy, meaning fewer sick days.
  • Extending your carpet’s life– routine deep-cleaning services prevent permanent damage to carpets. Wear on carpets often occurs due to the abrasive effect of dirt trapped in their fibers. For instance, dirt buildup causes carpets to flatten or pile, affecting their look and lifespan. The right deep-cleaning treatment gives a tired rug a new lease on life.
  • Eliminating stains and odors– If your carpet spots stubborn shoe marks, unsightly stains from spilled food or drink, or worse still, has a foul odor (most pet owners can relate) you can’t seem to get rid of, consider deep cleaning it. Besides, damp carpets can also become breeding grounds for mold, which can cause further damage to your floor. Deep cleaning helps remove stubborn marks and odors, restoring your carpet’s good looks and improving your home’s air quality.
  • Improving the look and feel of carpets– who doesn’t love a soft, plush carpet you can sink your toes in after a long day? Deep cleaning removes lots of nasties from carpets, turning your floor covering into a relaxing oasis your family and guests can enjoy. It also restores the carpet’s original color, texture, and sheen – revitalizing it with a fresh appearance.
  • Having a higher quality of living– If you and your folks have clean carpets at home, your household will have to enjoy an improved standard of living. This is evident with the points mentioned above.


Why You Can Bank on Zerorez

When most homeowners envision deep cleaning, they picture a soaking wet carpet scrubbed to within an inch of its life. And then comes the long wait for it to dry. But if the weather has other ideas, this can mean your carpet stays wet for days or develops mold and mildew, defeating the purpose of deep cleaning.

Well, Zerorez takes a different approach – out with the harsh chemicals and in with a powerful and safe cleaner that uses less water. You also don’t have to contend with sticky residue.

Plus, the firm’s patented Zr Wand easily removes dirt and other contaminants. They also use specially designed fans to cut drying time, implying less downtime for your family. Who said you need to flood your carpets to deep clean them? So, if you need a quality carpet deep cleaning service even your pets will love (thanks to the use of non-toxic cleaners), you know who to call.

To Conclude

A high-traffic area is bound to have carpets needing some TLC. Take care of them, and they’ll thank you by looking fresh and vibrant for years while serving you well. Don’t let these unsung heroes lose their luster and inner beauty- ensure they’re battle-ready to handle everything your feet and environment throw their way.