Build The Best Gojek Clone App And Generate 10X Revenue

Clone App And Generate 10X Revenue

Who doesn’t want to increase their revenue? Ask any entrepreneur and they will be open to ideas and strategies that carry the potential to 10X the revenue. Therefore, proposing the same, this blog will talk about one Avant-grade app you can get right now – the Gojek Clone App!

Let’s explore!

Let’s explore

How to 10x Revenue with Gojek Clone App?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to 10X your revenue, this multi-service app will help you achieve that. The app offers profit-centric business models along with three other income sources to enable entrepreneurs to earn more revenue. Let’s explore each of them to understand how things work better.


The Entrepreneur, as an app owner, will be able to earn commissions on every service that’s rendered through the app. The app owner is responsible for deciding the commission rates. For example, the Gojek Clone App owner can decide to collect a 10% commission on every taxi or moto ride and a 12% commission on every beauty service.

If the app user makes an online payment for the service, the amount directly goes to the app owner’s bank account. They deduct the applicable commission amount and transfer the remaining to the provider’s account. The app owner can decide to do it in weekly cycles or once every fortnight!

On the other hand, if the user makes a cash payment, the service provider must collectively pay the commission to the app owner. They can pay the total commission via their in-app wallet balance.

Membership Subscription Plans

In this business model, the admin can define various Membership Plans for the service provider. It can be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and even annual. The service provider needs to subscribe to one of these plans to start rendering their services online.

Now, depending on the benefits of the selected plan, time validity, or price, service providers can decide to subscribe to one of them. However, the service providers need to renew the plan on time before they expire if they want to continue rendering the services on the Gojek Clone App.

Membership Subscription Plans

Now, let’s talk about the different app monetization strategies through which entrepreneur can 10X their earnings without incurring additional expenses.

Third-Party Ad Integration

The app owners can now integrate third-party Facebook and Google Ads into the app. These ads are displayed on the app’s home screen. Now, how will that generate income for the entrepreneur?

Well, let’s assume that a local florist named ‘XYZ’ in Vancouver wants to advertise their shop. Now, XYZ pays Facebook to advertise its ad on various platforms. The advertiser comes to you (the app owner)  with the request to display the ad on your app. You agree and embed the Facebook ad code in your app. As soon as that’s done, the third-party Facebook ad is visible on the home screen.

Henceforth, for every click the ad gets through your app, Facebook pays a pre-decided amount, such as $2 per click. Besides, they will also pay a fair amount just for ‘displaying’ the ad on your  Gojek Clone App.

The same works for Google Ads as well! In other words, for every click on the app that comes from your multi-service app, you will earn money!


A Surcharge is applied on rides or different jobs during peak times. This extra charge can be applied on late-night trips, high-demand hours, holidays, bad weather, etc.

The user booking a ride/job with a surcharge is given the choice to either accept the higher amount or try booking the service later.

Cancellation Fees

The Gojek Clone App also collects cancellation fees from users who cancel the ride/job last-minute. This fee is charged to compensate for the time and effort of the service provider.

In conclusion:

Summing up the blog, you now know that launching an on-demand multi-service app like Gojek is beneficial in every way, especially when an entrepreneur wants to 10X their revenue!

So, if you are one of these entrepreneurs, get the pre-built Gojek Clone App and kick-start a multi-service business in 1 to 2 weeks! Earn money on every single service.