Brilliant Loft Storage Ideas to Transform Your Space


Are you lucky enough to have a loft but don’t know how to utilise it to its maximum capability? Lofts, thanks to their awkward shapes and inaccessibility are notoriously tricky spaces to navigate, especially when it comes to heavy lifting and storing awkwardly shaped possessions.

Thankfully, mckennavanepm.com, an experienced property manager, notes that there are lots of brilliant storage solutions out there that can transform your loft into a highly efficient storage space.

Build storage solutions into the eaves

Eaves are often overlooked when it comes to storage solutions, but they lend themselves very well for this purpose. What’s more, there’s little to no work required on your side as they’re already there!

Eaves work particularly well if you just want to stow away some boxes. Simply create an enclosed space with an access hatch and then you have a great storage spot that you can close to avoid making the whole room look messy.

Add a loft wardrobe

To make the most out of your space, a fitted loft wardrobe is the way to go. Not only are they bespoke designed for specific spaces, but they also fully utilise every nook and cranny of your loft and create a lovely put-together feel.

As well as customising the wardrobe’s size and shape, you can also customise its interior. Depending on what you’d like to store, add in some shelving or a clothes rail if you want to store heavy coats over the summer months. Loft wardrobes really are a godsend when it comes to storing things in a neat and organised way.

Instal window seat storage

Window seat storage is a great solution for the wealth of awkward corners that make lofts so tricky to furnish. Instead of opting for a regular chair, purchase a storage bench, box or trunk that can be used for lounging around and storing.

Of course, make it as cosy as possible with a plethora of blankets, throws and cushions. Once it’s fully furnished with soft, welcoming materials, you might just have made your new favourite reading spot.

Build shelves for shoes.

Shoes are so seasonal that at any given time of the year you need to store some shoes that are not appropriate for the weather. In order to store shoes in a space-effective way whilst also keeping them warm and dry, build some shelves for your big boots, hiking shoes and snowshoes during the summer months.

Lighting and illumination

In order to use loft storage. Lighting or illumination is key. The brighter the loft the more likely it will be used as a regular storage option. Nothing worse than being unable to find anything in a dark or dimly lit room. Consider a battery powered light or LED loft lights. Light can be produced instantly and installed by anyone.

Add mirrors.

Adding Mirrors often makes spaces look bigger. Interior designers use mirrors to create the illusion of extra space.  If you’re living in your loft and don’t have a lot of living space left over after storage, mirrors can be a great way to open everything up or at least make it feel that way.

 Add Low-Level Units All Across the Walls

When it comes to loft conversions, the design is often just as important as storage. Completely lining your walls with ugly, tall storage units isn’t ideal, however, you can place low level units without impeding on the overall aesthetic appearance, but you can completely line it with low-level units without impacting the aesthetic.