Best Decorating Tips For Big Walls

Best Decorating Tips For Big Walls

Got a massive blank wall in your house? Are you stumped on how you should be decorating it? Here is a pro tip. Think of it as a huge blank canvas instead of an ample empty space. In this blog, we will share some valuable information on how to decorate a large wall at your house.

Large walls are capable of offering a sense of authority into space by putting things into perspective. However, decorating a large empty wall can be a little challenging, as the area is too big to incorporate your desired decor. With some planning, this blank space can turn into your favorite house area, as you can bring out all your creativity on the wall. Keep reading below for five excellent ideas to decorate a big wall.

Hang a huge split canvas painting.

One of the greatest ways to cover a substantial blank space is to hang your favorite picture or painting split over multiple canvases. It can also add a personal touch to your interior, which you will love watching daily. Take three or four canvases and split your desired image, making the wall appear minimalistic yet expressive and alive. 

Paint the wall in a bold color.

Painting the wall with a radiant and bold shade is an excellent way to make your space the showstopper of the day. You can paint your wall with a navy blue color, matching it with nude or neutral-colored interiors to give your wall a luxury French-inspired appearance. Though the color alone can add life to your decor, it is entirely up to you if you want to hang a few picture frames, art pieces, or other decor items. 

Add wallpapers or textures.

There are loads of texture and wallpaper options available in the market that can make your wall interesting, elegant, and unique. However, adding wallpapers or textures to the area can be costlier than painting, but it is worth the price when it comes to drawing the immediate attention of your visitors. Hang a large vintage clock or other decor pieces to complete the look. 

Add a large or a split mirror.

Adding a large mirror on the wall is excellent if you want your room to appear spacious and brighter. This will make the wall look modern and filled at the same time. Furthermore, you can choose multiple mirrors of different sizes and hang them on the wall instead of a single large one. Mix and match various mirrors of square and round shapes to give your wall an appealing look. 

How about some wall-mounted lights?

Mounting a light fixture instead of a hanging lamp can dramatically change the tone and appearance of your wall. The best way to incorporate lamps and lights on the wall is to mount them with mirrors. This can make your room appear brighter, more extensive, and modern. You can choose different lights in various shapes according to your style, preference, and interior of your home. If you’re unsure about selecting and mounting the right light fixtures, consider consulting with Alder & Tweed an interior design firm who can provide guidance and help you achieve the desired theme for your blank walls.

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