Avoid the Top 10 Classic Car Mistakes Beginners Make

For many people across the world, classic cars have become an ardent passion that must be followed religiously. The ownership of these cars has bestowed on the owners a sense of wealth, luxury, and taste that regular and even modern cars seem to be bereft of. Therefore, classic cars have maintained their rave and have assumed a status of immortality in the eyes of these classic car enthusiasts. However, certain mistakes can sour the experience and therefore, must be avoided at all costs.

More specifically, beginners should take note of these things to ensure that their experience with classic cars is truly enjoyable. This article, therefore, focuses on the top 10 mistakes to avoid when owning a classic car.

1.   Ignoring Regular Car Maintenance and Service Requirements

As the owner of a classic car, regular maintenance and servicing of the car are the foundational basics of enjoying your car. Without regular servicing, your vehicle will quickly develop issues and in turn, significantly go down in performance. Speaking matter-of-factly, classic cars require more frequent checks than regular cars due to the rarity of the car parts.

2.   Underestimating Insurance Cost

Another mistake most new owners of classic cars make is neglecting the cost of insurance in their budget for such a car. It has been established that due to the rarity and antiquity of the vehicle, it is much costlier to insure such cars than a regular car. This is because the parts are harder to get in the automobile markets, and therefore, repairs can come at an exorbitant price. Moreso, some of these cars come with restricted availability, making it more tedious to replace such parts of the car when the need arises.

3.   Overlooking Rust and Corrosion

The two arch enemies of classic cars are rust and corrosion. You need to ensure that your car is inspected regularly to prevent or manage such issues, as rust and corrosion can easily spread to other parts of the car and cause damage. You need to always check for rust or corrosion in the areas surrounding the wheel wells, beneath the car, and even underneath the seals and trim.

Moreover, to protect your car inside and outside from rust and corrosion, it is necessary to cover it whether it is parked outside or inside. Car Covers prevent the water from the hail, rain, or snow sources from seeping inside and causing rust and corrosion. Thus, buy one for the ultimate protection of your classic car.

4.   Choosing Inferior Parts and Accessories

Further, classic cars require top-notch parts and accessories, which accounts for the difficulty in replacing parts of the car. However, green-horn classic car owners tend to go for cheaper parts and accessories to save money. These may satisfy your short-term financial goals, but eventually, hurt your budget in the long run. These parts may affect the car and lead to mechanical issues that will reduce the value of the car.

5.   Not Joining a Community

We all know that owning a classic car can be exhilarating and fulfilling, but such an experience can also be felt by those of mutual interests. Therefore, not joining a club that can help you on your journey of owning a vintage car may rid you of the many benefits that come with having such a community. You also deny yourself vital information and collective knowledge that may further improve your experience.

6.   Not Getting a Professional Inspection

One of the worst mistakes you can make at the onset of owning a vintage vehicle is not ensuring that the car is thoroughly inspected by a neutral professional. Before delving into any serious negotiations with the seller you need to have the vehicle inspected by a professional who truly understands the nitty-gritty of owning classic cars. Without getting such professional help, you may be stuck with a cat that may eliminate your peace of mind and rid you of the fulfilling experience of owning a classic car.

7.   Getting the Wrong Insurance

Another mistake to avoid is, when planning your finances for your car, you need the right insurance cover. Asides from setting out a budget for your car, you need to ensure that your auto insurance caters to the very needs of your car.

8.   Underestimating Maintenance Cost

Another rookie mistake that most new owners of vintage vehicles make is to underestimate the amount of time, money, and effort it takes to maintain a classic car. Due to their age and model, these cars require more detailed observations and attention, resulting in more expensive repairs and maintenance.

Therefore, before you get a classic car, familiarise yourself with the challenges of maintaining such a car.

9.   Too Many Modifications

Additionally, as a new owner of a vintage vehicle, you need to be cautious about upgrading such vehicles. Many overambitious rollie owners get carried away with ‘pimping’ the cars that they ruin the aesthetics, financial value, and overall appearance of the car. Therefore, always remember that the more original the car is, the higher its value.

10. Not Driving the Car Regularly

Finally, most rookie owners tend to overlook this factor, storing their cars for long periods. On the contrary, you need to drive the car regularly. This is to ensure that the lubricant film spreads to all moving parts of the vehicle. Leaving the car for a long period leads to a reduced performance output of the car.


These mistakes must be avoided because their financial implications can quickly strip you away of the exotic feeling of owning a vintage vehicle. Meanwhile, you can trust Dyler to always provide you with the necessary products and information in line with your automobile needs.