Are International Ph.D. Candidates Required To Have their Qualifications Evaluated?

Ph.D. Applications

In many US universities and institutes, a Ph.D. is the highest conferred degree, making it a desirable goal for many international students. It is an organized degree that combines rigorous coursework and independent study. Employment as a researcher, scientist, professor, and several specialist positions in government, frequently necessitate a doctoral degree.

International applicants to universities in the United States may be asked to evaluate their foreign academic credentials in light of their US equivalents. To ensure the most accurate translation of an overseas student’s grades, Ph.D. credential evaluation companies use a predetermined set of evaluation standards. These organizations act as reliable third parties for international students and US colleges. Read on to learn more about the United States credential evaluation for international Ph.D. candidates.

What Credential Evaluation Entails

Credential evaluation is a service carried out by independent credential evaluation firms for a fee. Through this service, you can have your foreign transcripts and degrees evaluated by a specialist who will then calculate their counterparts in the United States.

Your transcripts also detail the legitimacy of the school you attended, the number of credits you have earned, and your overall performance. A course-by-course evaluation that assigns each of your finished courses a US equivalent is only one of the many services that can help you translate your overall academic performance into a GPA recognized by US institutions.

The primary purpose of a credential evaluation is to help US universities and colleges determine if your academic qualifications are sufficient to enroll you in the program you have applied for. Because of the varying terminology used in different nations, a credential review is essential for students applying to study in the United States.

Make sure your prospective credential evaluation services provider can meet the verification requirements laid forth by the US colleges and universities you plan to apply to and that you have done your due diligence in determining those needs.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Ph.D. Credential Evaluation?

The time it takes to complete a Ph.D. credential evaluation will vary from company to company and depend on factors, including the number of papers to be reviewed, the availability of optional services, and the complexity of the evaluation itself.

Three to four weeks is the typical processing time for transcript assessment. However, it may only take a week or two if there are fewer documents to review. Some businesses that are part of evaluation groups also provide expedited credential evaluation reports in as little as five business days.

It is important to consider your report’s delivery timing when deciding on an evaluation company. This will ensure that your university receives the evaluation in time for your application to avoid unnecessary delays in your admission process.

What Documents Required to Enroll in a USA Ph.D. Program

The university determines all procedures for entering universities and graduate institutions. However, most of the following items will likely be requested from you:

  • Academic Transcripts & Credential Evaluation:Universities may want to see a complete record of the work you performed during your Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree, including the different modules you covered and the scores you were awarded for them, in addition to your final grades. Ph.D. degree evaluation for international students can help verify your qualification.
  • Personal Statement:Colleges and universities are looking for well-rounded students, so don’t be surprised if they look at factors beyond grades and test scores to determine whether or not to admit you. Your personal statement should highlight your motivations for applying and qualifications for the targeted degree program and include information about your extracurricular activities and accomplishments.
  • Research Statement or Essay: A research statement is sometimes optional for U.S. doctoral applicants. If asked, you should provide a broad outline of the topics and approaches to which you are drawn in your research. Some academic programs may require you to submit an essay on a predetermined topic as part of your application.
  • Recommendation Letters:Recommendation letters for a doctoral program are slightly different from standard character references. Referees in the US are expected to be on the front lines of advocating for your acceptance to graduate school.

When reviewing your application, colleges will take everything into account. Don’t think that your perfect GPA will guarantee acceptance to graduate school. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to gather relevant recommendations and craft a compelling personal statement.

Where to Get Your Qualifications Evaluated for Ph.D. Applications?

If you are looking for reliable Ph.D. degree evaluation for international students, choose a reputable credential evaluation firm like Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES). The company began operations in 1981, providing credential evaluation reports to facilitate US equivalence for foreign-educated persons. ERES is an established and reputable agency that is a NACES member and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating since 1993.

How much you’ll have to pay depends on what sort of evaluation you need. You can view the full cost at the time of application via your ERES account. However, evaluations of individual documents begin at $165, and evaluations of individual courses begin at $275.