Adding a Mid-Century Touch to Your Living Room


Nothing beats having a comfortable and stylish place for relaxing and hosting guests, and giving your living room a mid-century modern twist is a great way to accomplish this. With clean lines that make the room look casual and inviting, a bit of mid-century styling can really take your space to the next level. Achieving the look doesn’t have to be hard. With a few key furniture pieces and easy aesthetic changes, you can have a room you’ll love to hang out in.

Start With Decluttering

Your first step to getting a fun mid-century space is to clear out the clutter. This design style is all about minimalism and crisp lines, so it won’t work if you have a bunch of extra items in the space. Unneeded decorative items and bulky furniture that doesn’t fit the style should get a new home in another room. Leave only what you need.

Add the Right Furniture Pieces

Every living room needs seating and tables, and these items offer a great chance to bring in the mid-century modern feel. Start with your sofa arrangement. Instead of a traditional couch and loveseat, try a right-facing sectional with a low profile. It can be versatile while still maintaining that minimalist feel.

Look for neutral colors when you are shopping for furniture. Tan and beige are very fitting for this aesthetic and look good with many different accessories. Neutral colors also stay in style even as trends change, allowing you to get the full value out of the furniture you buy.

You can also vary the seating in the room with different pieces. Add a leather ottoman or two and use them as stools or tables that can be moved around the space as needed. This gives you flexibility when you’re hosting your friends and family or when you just want to rearrange your living room.

Natural Accents

Another hallmark of mid-century modern design is an emphasis on natural elements in your decorations. When looking for accent pieces, search for items that feature natural wood, bamboo or rattan. These materials add an organic feel to the living room that brings in warmth and hominess, even with the straight lines that are common in mid-century design.

Plants are also great accessories for a mid-century modern room. That’s why so many classic mid-century homes used to have planters built into the structure of the house. These days you don’t have to go that far. Large planters in neutral colors work well to hold plants that have bright foliage. This creates a sense of bringing the outdoors in, which works well since mid-century design embraces indoor-outdoor living.

Make an Easy Change in Your Living Room

Getting a new look in your living room while still keeping it comfortable and inviting doesn’t have to be hard. Look at the mid-century modern design style and select a few elements to bring into your home. With an edited list of accessories and items, quality furniture and natural accents, your room will be a restful spot where everyone will love to gather. Shop for the pieces you’ll love today.